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About wlfking
While I've loved comics all my life(38 years old as of 2023) and superhero related media, I never really bought comics as a kid cause disposable income was sporadic and I usually felt a video-game was me getting the most bang for my buck. So me getting a physical comic growing up was rare and very random. My mother got a huge box of old comic books from somewhere at one point and my siblings split them up amongst ourselves.(I still have a lot of mine to this day)

So I mostly followed what was happening in comics from things like a random Wizard Magazine since they would summarize what was happening. When my family got internet, I would just read up on character histories. When I finally did enter the workforce, I'm sad to say, it just didn't occur to me to start buying comics and start actually following stories as they were happening. I would still just read up on wikis and later watch youtube videos.

When I finally started buying comics I decided to read up on the current Venom at the time(Flash Thompson) Captain Marvel(Carol Danvers) Mrs. Marvel(Kamala Khan) and Valkyrie(Brunnhilde) in Defenders. When I thought of getting some X-Men books I got kinda turned off when I realized the current roster wasn't going to be the one from the 90's cartoon. ^^;

Then Krakoa started and youtubers I follow were talking it up so I decided to just read the books that had the characters I liked. I started with X-Force and Excalibur because I love Domino, Rouge, Gambit, and Jubilee. I dropped both after a while cause the former was incredibly boring and the latter was so-so.

While I didn't like the New Mutants movie, it did make me curious enough to check those books out which helped me find out Rahne Sinclair is actually my most favorite X-Person in all of Marvel. Good stuff! I also got Marvel Unlimited and decided to just go ahead and read almost the entire Krakoa era.

Please consider joining my New Mutants Reading Club on r/new mutants. My posts are under the same name as here: Wlfking. Shouldn't be hard to find. Not a lot happening there since we are waiting for you to show up after all.


“After all, it could only cost you your life, and you got that for free!”


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