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About Magnetic Eye
Started reading comic books, mainly Marvel at age 10 in 1974.

An avid comic book collector with 6,000 + books. I enjoy reading, films, music, documentaries, video editing, scriptwriting, cooking and collecting an arsenal of professional studio grade microphones.

I'm an experienced film industry camera assistant and videographer with a Bachelor Of Arts Degree in Communications and Media Production.

I have worked on low and high budget feature films and TV shows. Have also shot music film clips and live concerts as well as documentaries for National Indigenous TV.

I am currently working as a government Youth Worker with Indigenous Australian high school students where I also teach Media Production and Video Editing.

I'm also getting back into Sound Engineering (my career in the 80's and early 90's) working part-time at a recording studio.

MARVEL titles collected over the years include:

01. Amazing Spider-Man

02. Amazing Spider-Man - Renew Your Vows

03. Peter Parker The Spectacular Spider-Man

04. The Spectacular Spider-Man

05. Web Of Spider-Man

06. Spider-Man

07. The Sensational Spider-Man

08. Tangled Web

09. Marvel Team Up

10. Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man

11. Marvel Tales

12. Marvel Knights: Spider-Man

13. Spider-Man Unlimited

14. Webspinners: Tales Of Spider-Man

15. Ultimate Spider-Man (vol1)

16. Spider-Man: Blue

17. Marvel Adventures Spider-Man

18. Avengers

19. West Coast Avengers

20. Secret Avengers

21. Marvel Fanfare

22. Fantastic Four

23. Worlds Greatest Comic Magazine

24. Marvel Two In One

25. Tales To Astonish

26. Tales Of Suspense

27. The Incredible Hulk

28. Daredevil

29. The Silver Surfer (vol 1- 6)

30. The Uncanny X-Men

31. X-Factor

32. Astonishing X-Men

33. The Invincible Iron Man

34. The Human Fly

35. Hawkeye

36. Super Villain Team Up

37. Captain America

38. The Invaders

39. The Defenders

40. The Champions

41. The Inhumans

42. Prince Namor The Savage Sub Mariner

43. The Black Panther

44. Power Man & Iron Fist

45. Ghost Rider

46. Thor

47. Future Foundation (12 issues)

48. Alpha Flight

49. Cloak & Dagger

50. Moon Knight

51. Micronauts

52. Strange Tales

53. Marvel Triple Action

54. Spider Woman

55. What If

56. Excalibur

57. Marvel Knights: Fantastic Four

58. Marvel Preview

59. Ultimate Fantastic Four (vol1)

60. The Ultimates (vol 1)

61. Solo Avengers

62. Marvel Knights: Daredevil

63. Marvel Premiere

64. Marvel Spotlight

65. Starlord 1977 B/W series

I also have TPBs, HC's, B/W reprints and some DC titles but mainly stacks of "Batman" & "Detective Comics", Dark Horse, Valiant, Image, IDW and Top Cow titles.




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