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Well , I am , Alexandre José de Carvalho , or " Sansomon " 'm 42 but I often feel like I have much less . I was born on June 27, 1971 I am from the city of Guarulhos Sao Paulo .

About me I always loved cartoons and anime even though at the time I still did not know there was a difference between the two ... I am a " 42 Year Old Man " was able to follow most of the most famous cartoons and anime that began here ... cartoons of the immortal Tom and Jerry , Pica-Pau ( Woody Woodpecker ) , Looney Tunes , Dom Pixote ( Huckleberry Hound ) , Pepe Legal ( Quick Draw McGraw ) , Zé Colmeia ( Yogi Bear ) , Bibo Pai e Boby Filho ( Augie Doggie and Doggie Daddy ) , Leão da Montanha ( Snagglepuss ) , Manda Chuva ( Top Cat ) , A Corrida Maluca ( Wacky Races ) , Os Ho - ho - límpicos ( Laff - A- Lympics ) , Scooby - Doo , the Flintstones , the Jetsons , Space Ghost , The Herculoids , Galaxy Trio , The Young Samson and Goliath, Birdman , Jonny Quest among innumerable that would not fit all here ...

Of the first animes I watched were The Princess and The Knight , Kimba The White Lion , Fantomas , Shadow Boy , Sawamu the Champion , The Judoka , Speed ​​Racer , Super Dinamo , Pinocquio , Mars Bionic Boy , Star Blazers / Yamato , Macross . God .. ... were so many ... humble even some strangers who had not many fans there but I loved it so ...

I liked read comic books superheroes of Marvel and DC Comics at the time that these two editors wrote immortal classic stories ... I like the characters more gross masses Hulk , The Thing , Savage Dragon , Maul of Wild.C.A.T.S. , Impact of Cyberforce , The Pitt of Image , Barbaric Freak Force , Prime of Ultra Force of the Universe Malibu , Fuji of Stormwatch , Baby Gnu / Baby Wildebeest of Teen Titans , Atom Smasher of Justice Society of America , Tygrus Batman the Animated Series , Leatherhead , Traximus and Commander Mozar TMNT , Tasmanian Devil of the Justice League International ... I love big guys who are also all hearts and proving that this story that big is synonymous with being dumb and useless and that is a great unfounded prejudice created by nerds (Usually fat, puffy, ridiculous and mediocre feel that perverse pleasure in humiliating others just to feel "all powerful" in front of others, or nerds, scrawny, cachectic, bald and sedentary ... but with a huge bank account. .. or any combination of despicable people who enjoy publicly humiliating big guys to take care of their bodies as taking care of the body were synonymous with "being selfish" and "being stupid" and "right" are those who let their body become a human trash )... and liked the characters humble ugly ducklings of these publishers ... The Beast of the X -Men , Beta Ray Bill , Thunderbird of Exiles , Hulk 2099, J2 the Son of Juggernaut , Skaar Son of Hulk , Dragon Man , Caliban of X-Force , Pedreira / Rockslide , Red Hulk , Leão Negro , Ze Gatão , Ursa Major, Sasquatch , but lately I have not read nothing else ... comics superheroes lost their magic for me ... is such a " fancy and super-complicated and boring mega - sagas that promise ' forever change the life of such a character , group , universe ' but whose changes last only until you see another writer author and discard ... and the characters do not age , not mature, do not evolve ... it just tired me ... not that I dislike these characters ... I love them ... I grew up with them ... but I would see in comics things like Justice League Unlimited Superman and Batman the Animated Series , Static - Shock, Zeta Project , Batman Beyond , The Batman , Young Justice and others who were real revolutions ...

About me I like to draw ... 'm no " genius " or am " brilliant" but still occasionally dare me to scribble a few things ... I like to draw superheroes even not reading more as I said I grew up with these characters and love them all equally ... I get sad when one " dies " for more unreal and somewhat permanent death has become in the comics ... because I always think " This character is not so important ... and that they did not want to resurrect ? " ... It is there the poor fellow of Professor Charles Xavier , or Professor X who died in the comics in hands your " son " the Cyclops Scott Summers and not returned until today because the editors of Marvel Comics "In his wisdom " decided that he is " A character it is no longer necessary for the X-Men as their role has become 'obsolete'... " ... I know ... a father is unnecessary and obsolete for the Children ? I like music ... nothing too extreme nor that it is " trendy " ... I like songs that have poetry in letters not these things that currently play ... films like simple and unpretentious film " Cinema Popcorn " Most of my favorites have already been shown to exhaustion and reprized in the afternoon session ... loved sitcoms of the era in which they wanted to see science fiction , adventure , comedy , thriller , family enough turn on the TV and watch the series that passed in the late afternoon on Rede Globo , SBT , Record ( before it was bought by the Church Universal and certain turn series " things of the Devil " or blonde presenting with stardom crisis alone ruin children's programming of said station ... ) today ? All we can do that endless Melrose Place tupiniquim the " Malhação " , or the dog world auditorium , interviews and such the programs ... is unbelievable but 41 years ago with just having 13 television channels had far more options than we have today ... books ... Love books ... for more facilities that the internet gives us nowadays nothing substitutes for me to read a good book recently published new or old smelling the ink and to wonder in my mind the places , the characters scenes ... Sad , tragic will be the day that the people have all the books scanned and saved files on the internet stop writing books and decide never post any ... do not play video games but enjoy watching others play the game ... and ending... I'm angry with players who do not like to watch the others and off the game in the final scene , pull the plug from the arcade or walk out without having finished arrogantly as if to say "GO ! Ends you ... " interest in these cases I want to catch the subject's head and smashes it across the screen ... I was a bother or an inconvenience but I just wanted to see the final animation sequence and it is not because I have not " played " in which case I would see myself in the arrogant right to do that to someone else if our positions were reversed and I was playing with the person who made ​​me watch it ... lucky I hate violence , nor with more scrotum face of earth who made ​​me so I leave to fight in any way ... hate violence ... I hate fighting even if only on the basis of insults ... nowadays everyone knows how anyone as " hate " , " neglect " and " humiliating " but few remember how to " love " , " forgive" and " help " ... I regret that ... enjoyed playing tabletop RPGs but lately I lost interest ...

Lately I've been feeling disappointed with my artworks . I realized that the drawings forums where I submit my art drawings predominate gay or lesbian art, or other fetishes porn art and I do not do porn art . Okay. I admit . I see nothing wrong with this type of art , nor see anything wrong in collecting this art because there are some really great artists who make excelent artworks . But I 'm not a porn artist nor do I have any desire to do porn art . I am a artist and for me my drawings are art . I seek these designs honor the characters that nobody loves , nobody cares , nobody respects , no one cares or gives a damn , no one misses finally all the characters , scorned and despised , comics , cartoons , anime, manga , series, movies I only seem to love , remember , care . For me it's like I'm sculpting the bodies of these characters on a sheet of paper with my drawings . Often I make artworks of characters that are not furrys or are not very popular and so we saw very few get favs . If you collect my artworks just to see Buff, muscular guys in trunks sorry but will be terribly disappointed. I'm Not Gay, I see nothing wrong with those who are gays and I am against homophobia, just that I'm not Gay nor do "gay art" for me to draw muscular characters and do justice to these characters because for some time here muscled characters came to be viewed with contempt. Currently what are muscular characters? The first to be knocked out by telepathic and telekinetic, transformed into little animals by mages,filled with thousands of punches, in one glance, for some Super Speedster, placed in orbit by a teleporter, frozen, burned alive, or beheaded with a single punch by the same characters like Emo Prime in Infinite Crisis , Electrocuted, dismembered, transformed into fur rugs by snobs villains finally muscled characters now have lost all respect he had in the comics. With furrys is even worse ... since recently furry art came to be seen as "a way of spreading, homosexuality, pedophilia, bestiality, incest , bondage, vore, gore, rape, tentacles, impregnation, transformation, oviposition, lactation , transgender , group orgies and pornography disguised as art" furrys characters in super-teams were seen with the ice of disgust. How furrys characters in super-hero teams emerged from 2000 to today ? That's why I draw these characters. Because no one else thinks or wants to then draw for me is a way to do justice, and to show my respect and admiration for these big guys with hearts the size of the world. But I'm not an "Porn Artist" or do not Porn Art do not have any pretense of a day doing. And I hope you understand me about it ...

About me ... there's not much to say ... I am completely devoid of any particular attractive and have a common look nerdy internet ... 'm chubby ... not overly obese, or just a little bit out of shape ... I have brown hair ... black eyes ... clear skin ... not seen me in a particularly striking way ... I personally am pretty shy person until I have no problem talking with others or anything but I rarely initiate a conversation with someone , flirt a girl or anything , I 'm the romantic type and I think that a relationship has to be based on respect, trust and love from both sides ... can not stand men or women who enjoy humiliating their boyfriends or girlfriends in front of even the parents of these to show who's boss in the relationship ... the same way I hate arguing with others ... may seem not because what I 've said in this forum but I have no pleasure in having to argue with anyone , I'm not one of those troll users type when they start a discussion not stop even destroy the other person or humiliates you enjoy it or make sarcastic jokes ... and you can bet when I do any of those things then I feel horrible ... like writing fanfics ... although lately it is not very active ... Love Digimon and Love Leomon ... the latter because nobody loves , nobody respects , no one thinks it would be a great hero in a story of Digimon ... 'm finally someone up too common ...

Sign: Cancer

City: Guarulhos , São Paulo / SP

Hobbies: RPG , Reading

Favorite Color : Blue

Favorite food : breaded steak

Favorite Anime : Dragon Ball Z , Saint Seiya , Samurai Troopers , Shurato , Digimon , Pokemon , Monster Rancher , Medabots , Star Blazers / Yamato , Street Fighter II - V

Favorite Manga : No specific

Favorites Games : I do not play . I watch play .

Style of Music : MPB , Pop , Rock , Classical

Like : Help .

Hates : People who enjoy doing bad by any means and others who boast that arrogantly as if quoting a great feature of character .

Qualities : serviceable.

Negative : Lack of Patience with others.
Guarulhos-São Paulo-SP-Brazil
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