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    Madrox in Uncanny? Any good?

    Especially for a massive X-Factor fan, or has he been relegated to comic relief or a side character again? Is there any of PADís developed character left in this run?
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    James Bond comics?

    Anyone read them? How would you rate them?
  3. Which Doctor Strange is in the Avengers at the beginning of Aaronís run?

    I notice after reading Waidís run on Strange that the imposter wears that costume. Is the Stephen Strangr in Avengers the real one? Iíve only read the first 6 issues of Avengers and Iím wondering if...
  4. Do you think Doctor Strange will play a huge part in Phase 4 of the MCU?

    It seems like heís got that Tony Stark type personality, and the comics seem to be planning some big things for him. Iíll
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    How is Mark Waidís Doctor Strange?

    I noticed it was selling well until last month where it dropped pretty hard. Love the writer, but I havenít read a lot of the character.
  6. Captain Marvel, Colonel Danvers..and different creators use of her ranks

    Do you ever find it awkward when reading Captain Marvel that she is referred to as Colonel, and Captain and that many creators seem to prefer one over the other. I realize that her military rank was...
  7. Tbh there are usually some hints about what is...

    Tbh there are usually some hints about what is coming next and with all the changes and Steve only being Cap for such a short time again, I’m hoping they aren’t already trying to change his identity...
  8. Any talk about the Captain America book beyond 12?

    Is Coates staying on? Have there been any interviews. Iím not sure if Iím reading it right but the solicit for 12 makes it seem like Steve might be trying another new identity based on Capís fugitive...
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    Has anyone heard anything about another arc from...

    Has anyone heard anything about another arc from Coates after this, or anything about the title beyond issue 12 for that matter?
  10. Was Hydra Steve a clone? Is the real Steve a clone? Can someone explain it?

    I found the end of Spencerís run very confusing. I get that Steve came back but what is Hydra Steve now? And do they attempt to explain the physics of what actually happened?
  11. Anyone think Steve will not be Cap in the comics after Endgame comes out?

    Itís pretty obvious that Cap will not have a happy end at the end of the film, and I itís Evansí contract up itís likely there wonít be a Steve Rogers in the movies for a long time. Does anyone think...
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    What teams is Captain Marvel on now?

    Can someone let me know all the team boos that Captain Marvel has features in since 2012? Iíve missed a number of years of comic reading. Also what teams is she on now?
  13. Whatís up with Madrox since his limited series ended?

    Where is he currently? Is he on an x-men team? Lost touch a bit with comics. Over the last few months
  14. Not sure why. He's every bit as brilliant.

    Not sure why. He's every bit as brilliant.
  15. Jamie Delano: was he as important as Moore, Gaiman and Morrison?

    I've loved everything he's written but he seems not to be mentioned as often.
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    As long as somehow the original Jamie comes out...

    As long as somehow the original Jamie comes out on top that's cool then. We've seen this kind of thing happen many times in comics.
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    Jamie Madrox as a villain theory

    I read about the possibility of the Multiple Man mini creating a villain out of Madrox. I'm actually kind of disappointed in the mini series so far. Peter David took Jamie's character and turned him...
  18. I agree with everything you said. Cap/Steve is my...

    I agree with everything you said. Cap/Steve is my favorite character. The issue though is that unless something changes, Chris Evans will not be returning to the role after Avengers 4 by choice. The...
  19. I meant literally retired from the

    I meant literally retired from the the way Barry Allen was for that whole 20 year or more Wally West era, in order to allow Bucky a longer stint as the new Cap as everyone seems to...
  20. Will the end of Steve Rogers in the MCU translate to his comics retirement?

    With the MCU being a massive thing, far more powerful these days than comics, it's clear that with Avengers 4 being Chris Evans' last film and rumours of Sebastian Stan taking over as Cap, we won't...
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    I'm a big fan of Barry, especially in the current...

    I'm a big fan of Barry, especially in the current run, but Dick was Batman during the release of one of the Dark Knight movies, and I'm pretty sure Buckybwas Cap when Avengers came out. Also It seems...
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    Barry and Wally's fate after Flash War

    What do you expect will be the result of this arc. It definitely seems like the Justice League will be on Team Wally in this civil war. Do you think Wally will end up being the main Flash for a while?
  23. How do people feel about Ta Nehisi Coates writing Captain America

    I've really enjoyed Waid's run. It's been nice to have some classic Cap stories, and while I have enjoyed Black Panther, I can't help but feel like Coates will focus too much on his own political...
  24. My problem with the current Nightwing book.

    One of the problems I have with the current series, which has nothing at all to do with the actual writing is the fact that since this run began it has been made clear that this is not in any way the...
  25. Where is the interview that suggests Marvel...

    Where is the interview that suggests Marvel wanting to do a new X-Factor?
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