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    I got so used to seeing tanking that it felt...

    I got so used to seeing tanking that it felt kinda natural.
  2. Neanthal Warrior ( Arthdal Chronicles) vs Laura, X Men moviverse, mini Wolverine

    Till one of them cannot fight, both aware of the capabilities of the other. Laura gets trained for 2 weeks. The Neanthal from the first episode of the show, no weapons, empty field.
    Laura also only...
  3. Weakes group of 5 Empress Ki characters who could kill the Widow?

    Widow from Into the Badlands. Empress Ki characters work as a team. Fight takes place in an energy cage hat is 4 meters tall.

    Widow get to pick one sword from her own tv series. Empress ki...
  4. A mansion with team Accident Man defending it vs Atomic Blonde clones

    A giant 20 room mansion is defended by team Accident Man, they have grenades SMG's, Sniper Rifles and pistols.

    Accidnet Man team = the entire Assassin crew from the movie Accident man.

  5. Uther clones vs Titus Pullo + Lucius Vorenus

    How many Uther clones (Saxon Chronicles first 2 books feats) can kill Titus Pullo and Lucius Vorenus?

    To the death, empty field, everyone gets their best shield and sword + other smaller weapons...
  6. Stand a chance. He stomps if he has a bow.

    Stand a chance. He stomps if he has a bow.
  7. How many Yury Boyka clones can kill Black Fox (House of Traps, shaw brothers)

    Black Fox has a light sword, to the death, Boyka clones in just a boxer short. Starting 40 meters from another.

    Boyka clones help one another.

    Location: Empty Field
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    Give us some scenarios, weapons and how far they...

    Give us some scenarios, weapons and how far they start from one another.

    Also are they aware of the skills of eachother?
  9. Prince Daeso (Jumong 2006 tv series) vs Memnon (Scorpion King 1. (2002)..)

    To the death.

    Daeso has one sword, Memnon has 2. Empty field, starting 2 meters form one another. Hoodie and gym pants for both. No armor. Same type of light swords they usually use.
  10. Weakest Shaw character who can knock out the MegaPredator from the last movie?

    Shaw brothers.

    No ranged weapons used, knocking it on it's backside for 2 seconds is enough.

    Empty field. Predator just uses his fists and legs, Shaw brothers character uses no weapons.
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    Fujita is from a 90s Jet Li movie?

    Fujita is from a 90s Jet Li movie?
  12. How many Hwayi the Monster Boy clones kill Live Action Rurouni Kenshin?

    To the death, giant warehouse filled with potato sacks, starting 40 meters from one another.

    Kesnhsin has his sword and is willing to kill. Hwayi clones have a Luger pisotol and a normal kinfe....
  13. It's a verse challenge.

    It's a verse challenge.
  14. Didn't he race backwards at one point breaking...

    Didn't he race backwards at one point breaking the rules of technology?
  15. Ricky Bobby in the Fast and Furiousverse

    Where does he rank as a driver based on what he did in the movie?

    Ahead of who and behind who?
  16. Do they run over pedestrians if they have to?

    Do they run over pedestrians if they have to?
  17. What cars and where?

    What cars and where?
  18. Kevin (Sin City movie) vs Live Action trilogy Rurouni Kenshin

    To the death. Samurai sword for Kenshin. Usual weapons and clothes for Kevin. Kenshin uses the sword without hesitation. Both know what they are dealing with. Both at their peak.

  19. Weakest Star Wars character who can kill the Accident Man team?

    Accident Manteam = the whole organisation that goes to the same bar.

    SW characters only count if created before Disney sale. All feats from before the announced the death of the EU matter only.
  20. How many Jane The Ripper (Accident Man) clones can kill Kenshin Himura?

    Live Action Kenshin movies.

    Usual clothes, empty field. One samurai sword for each, no one holding back. To the death. Starting 10 meters from one another. Jane clones work as a team.
  21. Are you familiar with Drifters? Cannot see...

    Are you familiar with Drifters?

    Cannot see where i am now.
  22. Choi Kang Chi in beast form (Gu Family Book) vs Widow (Into the Badlands)

    To the death.

    Location: On the the top of the head of the Collossus of Rhodes.

    Widow has a light sword, beast Kang Chi goes at her in jn a t shirt and shorts + also has a light sword.
  23. Strongest Drifters anime character Widow from Into the Badlands can take out?

    Till death or at least one of them cannot move anymore.

    Peak Widow vs her opponnent is also at his / her peak. Widow has her most commonly used sword. Her enemy gets his most common weapons.
  24. That one, thanks.

    That one, thanks.
  25. What was that indie comic about supes forced to fight one another

    There was some reveal about Illuminati type stuff. Supes had costumes. All i remember.

    Pretty sure comic was made after 2005.
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