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  1. Favorite Arrowverse Fights/Battles

    What are some of your favorite Arrowverse fight/battle scenes? Mine are the following for each show:


    The Flash:

    Legends of...
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    Hal Jordan vs. Cyclops H2H

    Hal Jordan flirts with Jean and Scott gets mad. They decide to settle their differences in a cage match, no powers.

    Fight takes place in a UFC octagon. It's a no holds barred match. Who wins?
  3. Sony Venom, MCU Loki, Endgame Thanos and FOX Magneto vs. DCEU Shazam and Friends

    Sony Venom, MCU Loki, Endgame Thanos and FOX Magneto vs. DCEU Shazam, DCEU Wonder Woman, DCEU Aquaman and MCU Spider-Man


    Team 2 is bloodlusted and ambushes team 1
    Win by death
  4. DCEU Justice League and Friends vs. Endgame Thanos, MCU Ultron, MCU Abomination

    DCEU Justice League, DCEU Shazam, CW Martian Manhunter and Movie Green Lantern vs. Endgame Thanos, MCU Ultron, MCU Abomination and FOX Magneto


    No prep
    Morals off
    Battle takes place...
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    Spider-Man vs. DC Martial Artists

    Lady Shiva, Richard Dragon, David Cain, and Bronze Tiger all get together to take down Spider-Man. Classic versions for the martial artists, current version of Spidey. No weapons.

    Round 1:...
  6. Classic versions pre 1994.

    Classic versions pre 1994.
  7. Spider-Man and Captain America vs. Tharok, Mano, and The Persuader

    Tharok, Mano, and The Persuader of The Fatal Five accidentally teleport into the middle of a room where Spidey and Cap are talking.

    No prep for anybody, everyone has their standard gear. Who wins?
  8. Fellowship of the Ring and Friends vs. CW Green Arrow and Nolanverse Batman

    Fellowship of the Ring (plus Tauriel, Faramir, and Eomer) vs. CW Green Arrow and Nolanverse Batman

    Fight takes place in Rivendell. Everyone has their gear and weapons. Frodo cannot use the Ring...
  9. The Female (The Boys) vs. MCU Black Widow and Agent May

    The Female vs. Black Widow and Agent May. No prep.

    Round 1: No weapons
    Round 2: MCU team both have stun batons.

    Who wins?
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    The Seven (The Boys) vs. CW Trinity

    The Seven (Queen Maeve, Homelander, Black Noir, The Deep, A-Train, Starlight, Translucent) vs. CW Trinity

    Green Arrow, The Flash, and Supergirl are suddenly transported to the world of The Boys....
  11. Homelander (The Boys) vs. The Seven (The Boys)

    Homelander vs. the rest of the Seven (Queen Maeve, Black Noir, The Deep, A-Train, Starlight, Translucent)

    The Seven are sick of Homelander's sociopathic garbage and decide to take him out at their...
  12. Daredevil vs. Hawkeye vs. Winter Soldier

    Black Widow gathers her ex-lovers together and tells them whoever wins will win her heart.

    Round 1: Strictly hand-to-hand. Nobody can use weapons. Bucky has two normal arms.

    Round 2:...
  13. Nightcrawler/Beast/Angel vs. Spider-Man/Luke Cage/Daredevil

    Current versions of each, Angel cannot become Archangel.

    Fight takes place in an open field.
  14. Movie Spider-Man Villains vs. MCU Team

    Spider-Man Villains

    Spider-Man 1 Green Goblin
    Spider-Man 2 Doc Ock
    Spider-Man 3 Sandman
    Spider-Man 3 Venom
    Spider-Man 3 New Goblin
    ASM Lizard
    ASM2 Goblin
    ASM2 Electro
  15. Superior Foes of Spider-Man vs. Daredevil, Black Cat, and White Tiger

    Daredevil and White Tiger team up to take down the Superior Foes (Shocker, Beetle, Boomerang, Speed Demon, Overdrive) before they commit a heist. Black Cat convinces the duo that she's gone straight...
  16. Thor, Ghost, and Lizard vs. Silver Surfer, Vision, and Scarlet Spider

    Thor, Ghost, and Lizard vs. Silver Surfer, Vision, and Scarlet Spider (Ben Reilly)

    Classic versions of all except Ghost and Ben Reilly.

    Fight takes place on a busy street in New York.

  17. Bane, Captain Cold, Deadshot vs. Shocker, Bullseye, Speed Demon

    Rebirth versions of Bane, Captain Cold, and Deadshot. New 52 and Rebirth feats only. Bane is on Venom.

    Current versions of Shocker, Bullseye, and Speed Demon.

    No prep. Fight takes place in a...
  18. Weakened Superman vs. Deathstroke and Captain America

    Superman has been tricked into swallowing 2 green kryptonite rocks and has 10 minutes to live. Deathstroke has been paid to kill Supes and brings a brainwashed Captain America along with him. They...
  19. Sorry yeah forgot the picture showed Phoenix. ...

    Sorry yeah forgot the picture showed Phoenix. Just classic Jean Grey.
  20. X-Men vs. Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Aquaman, and Martian Manhunter


    Art credit goes to Sajad Shah (Sajad126)

    Current versions of all the X-Men shown above, except for classic versions of Jean Grey and Professor X.


    Rebirth versions of Wonder...
  21. Bloodlusted Spider-Man vs. Captain America, Daredevil, Moon Knight

    Mysterio has tricked Spider-Man into believing that Captain America murdered Aunt May. Cap, Daredevil, and Moon Knight are talking on a New York City dock when an enraged Spider-Man attacks them.
  22. Otto Octavius' Sinister Six vs. Spider-Man's Sinister Six

    Otto Octavius (as Superior Octopus) decides to create a new Sinister Six and put Spider-Man down once and for all. Spidey assembles his own team, made up of villains who either hate Octavius or have...
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    Hush vs. Bane

    Round 1: Purely hand-to-hand, Bane can't use venom, no prep.

    Round 2: Bane is on venom and Hush has two guns and a scalpel, no prep.

    Round 3: Bane and Hush both have 24 hours prep time.
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    Wonder Woman vs. Martian Manhunter H2H

    Current versions. Diana doesn't have any equipment except tiara and bracelets. J'onn can't use telepathy, telekinesis, intangibility, or shapeshifting.

    Purely hand-to-hand, though Manhunter can...
  25. Batman Villains vs. Spider-Man Villains

    Sinister 10

    Bane (no venom)
    Killer Croc
    Mr. Freeze
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