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  1. Black adam movie success on Dwayne Johnson (the Rock)

    The more i hear about this movie the more my concern grew. It seem to me that they hoping Black adam would be a success bese on Johnson's star power than his acting skill. They know Black adam is...
  2. i won't be surprised if the Mutants turn out to...

    i won't be surprised if the Mutants turn out to be a tv series!
  3. wanda maximoff going to be the protagonist of the marvel's x-men movie

    Remember when fox make Wolverine the main protagonist of their first 3 x-men movie. Disney/Marvel would do the same with Wanda Maximoff. They've said her story is not over and she will be in doctor...
  4. I hope there is a supergirl monthly series coming!

    I really love the future state supergirl\superwoman more than i did with the future state superman. giving Kara a monthly series where she eventually superwoman. As much i love the book i hate how...
  5. Nate grey (yeah right!) probably wolverine

    Nate grey (yeah right!) probably wolverine
  6. Anyone read the Boruto menga or whatch the anime?

    I try but it's wasn't for me.
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    connor should've been the next Superman

    Clark should give the mantle of superman to Connor after he retired instead of his son, jon. I was reading Future state Superman of metropolis it didn't seem right that Jon was superman. With Clark...
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    X-men: Disney plus series or movies?

    I don't object to x-men movies but i think an x-men tv show would be preferable it would help developing characters and story further. x-men, x-men united, x-men last stand Wolverine was the...
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    Dc Future state : a hit or miss

    Personally i would say a bit of both. the Future state timeline left me confuse but so far i did enjoy superman, harley quinn and dectective comic but disappointed with the flash book. But i am not...
  10. Wolverine has his own book, why not the other x-men?

    It would give other character develope. The true is there's so many characters the writers are not using either by preference or their not giving the chance too. Example: the upcoming book children...
  11. Is this coincidence now that moira's mutan that could lead to a reboot

    I couldn't shake the idea Jonathan Hickman and Kevin Feige are working together in some capacity. With the rumour that they might introduce magneto WandaVision and with Marvel owning the x-men's...
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    King in Black #2 :Professor X and Magneto

    i dont want to spoiled but that was shit move!
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    i hate the batman who laughs

    there i say it.
  14. gwen stacy death diminished by spider Gwen and gwenpool?

    Honestly i don't know. I couldn't no because they're both different character. But honestly i don't know.
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    good point

    good point
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    Moira true motive might not be noble

    You can say the protection and the survival of mutants kind but what if there were more Moira is not telling. i read dawn of x again and i began to have doubt of her story while i believe her on...
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    kid cable is for the younger and new readers and...

    kid cable is for the younger and new readers and less complicated back story rather the classic cable
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    i still believe they retcon

    i still believe they retcon
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    Let face it, Age of x-man was retconned

    Age of x-man and other stories pre house of x were retcon. jean didnt address the age of x-man or Scott dont mention if blindfold was resuscitated nothing. I remember i read that house of x take...
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    its clear that the writers didnt know what to do...

    its clear that the writers didnt know what to do with the character
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    What will be the downfall of Krakoa

    Might agree or not but Emma telepathically influencing the world leaders to accept krakoa as a nation will play a major part of Krakoa downfall. her attention were mean to be good but i doubt the...
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    Marvel is just trying something new with the...

    Marvel is just trying something new with the character. seeing the negative response the young cable receiving,i guarantee by next spring or summer the original character will be back.
  23. Future state: reminder me of something DC did before

    I could be wrong did DC did something similar a few years back? Cause I remember did quite similar about something happens in the future.
  24. If Nate grey is on the island why he is not...

    If Nate grey is on the island why he is not living with Jean and Scott
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