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    Is The Azrael 1990's run any good?

    I usually am only into books with Bruce but curious about this series
  2. Is Flashpoiunt the end of previous DC, or a start to New 52?

    Do you consider it the start of New 52 or end of an era?
  3. So what is wrong with me? I am not enjoying anything Bat related that is new

    Maybe I got spoiled on the older comics but I just hate most Bat stuff since New 52.

    I am contemplating just checking out and reading my giant pile from the 70's up to 2008

    Am I an idiot,...
  4. Can someone explain this caption in teh new GL 80th Anniversary issue?


    Not sure how to take this, thoughts?
  5. Are Civil War titles a must read for Tony Stark reading?

    I am gathering a bunch of Iron Man titles from the past few years, is reading Civil War stuff a must?

    I checked the original out years ago and hated it
  6. How much do the Robin and Nightwing NML issues add to the NML story?

    I own the Bat titles, are the other very important, any good?
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    JLA Bruce vs Solo Bruce

    Reading some JLA from the 00's and really just not liking Bruce vs solo books. Same thing with modern JLA, anyone else see a major difference in the writing of the character in the team books vs solo?
  8. Are the full SOB and LODK runs essential for Batman continuity?

    Iím a completist so I must be careful in collecting because I want to own it all!!!!!

    I read a few digital issues of SOB as well as LODK, wasnít to impressed but probably just crappy issues

  9. What are you thoughts on the Superman/Batman comics?

    Regarding the 2003 run and more current

    I read a couple once, did not like the way Bruce was in them put it down, never read another

    Are they worth it? What are they like?
  10. Grabbed Streets of Gotham run for 22 bucks I...

    Grabbed Streets of Gotham run for 22 bucks

    I AM NOT into comics for prices, just nostalgia, reading holding, love floppies!

    Cannot believe the price of issue 880, do you think it comes down...
  11. Thanks for the work! I am a floppy guy, no...

    Thanks for the work!

    I am a floppy guy, no if's and's but's about it!!

    I got them, $300. The key issues are close to NRMT, 666 VF but I am real happy. 10-12 extra comics including annuals,...
  12. Wow TY! I just bought me a full Bats run from...

    Wow TY!

    I just bought me a full Bats run from around 560-713, unreal deal at least I thought ($320) cannot wait to dig in

    So no need for those trade lol
  13. Looking for a lot of the Tec but looks like...

    Looking for a lot of the Tec but looks like floppies are the only way to, as well as the last few issues of Batman up to 713. None of those are collected
  14. Which Batman TPB to read before going into New 52?

    I own everything New 52 to current now.

    I have read some of the pre New 52 but want to collect some of it, would prefer TPB due to prices of floppies maybe

    Right now I have Final Crisis...
  15. Looking to buy this giant Batman comic run, not sure what to offer

    Could not find anywhere else to get help

    A guy at a ship has Batman 560-713. Issues appear real nice and he is selling. he said make me an offer and really not sure what to say. I mean a few of...
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    Poll: Alfred and Gordon for me

    Alfred and Gordon for me
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    Cool thanks! I will skip it. What about Super...

    Cool thanks! I will skip it. What about Super Sons, worth my time, either run?
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    Oh cool thanks. So I may want to just skip it...

    Oh cool thanks. So I may want to just skip it then. I like the hardcore, smart azz, future Batman Damian. He is not that way in TT?
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    Is it a given that all Batman collectors/readers...

    Is it a given that all Batman collectors/readers read Teen Titans due to Damian being in the group?

    Putting together my pull list and really want it due to Damian but not sure if the stories are...
  20. Batman 100 Page Curent Giants checklist and continuity?

    Anyone have a list of all these 100 page rtaill GIANTS that have come out over the past couple years?

    I assume they are side by side in continuity with current Bat/Tec comics
  21. What percentage of your collection is physical?

    My digital collection is growing fast vs physical. I am curious to what everyone's collection looks like percentage wise

    I am about 70% digital, 20% TPB and 10% floppy

    Only have 1 omnibus, I...
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    Ty I appreciate it dietrich

    Ty I appreciate it dietrich
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    Batman 86, a good jumping on point?

    I've read every single Bat, Tec and all the rest from 1986-2016

    Jumped off because I did not like what was being put out.

    I read about 15 issues into Rebirth and quit all DC
  24. TY. So not know anything about Jean and other...

    TY. So not know anything about Jean and other stuff from 2016,17... should be no issues?

    Without spoilers, was it a huge deal?
  25. MIA for 4 years, can I jump on board with HOX, POX and be ok?

    Read every X titles from 1963-1990, 2001-2015

    Can I jump in on HOX POX and the current Hickman titles and be ok?
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