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  1. Shigeo Kageyama Switches Places with Ichigo

    Ichigo(EOS) enters the Mob Psycho 100 Universe first season as Mob(EOS) is in Ichigos position beginning of show. Can they get through the show without dying?
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    At that weight, GSP. He's a very complete fighter...

    At that weight, GSP. He's a very complete fighter and he'd be stronger than he is at welterweight. Silva cutting that much weight may tire him early, in a with with a guy like GSP who wrestles and...
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    11 Joins the X-men(Fox)

    Professor Xavier and Beast(Post-Dark Phoenix) head to Hawkins Indiana to recruit 11, after seeing her potential. Through much reluctance due to her leaving her friends, she accepts their offer in...
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    So wouldn't Kane have really good soak due to...

    So wouldn't Kane have really good soak due to being burned alive so many times?
  5. Weakest Version of Superman that can beat Dragonball Super Broly

    As the title says, what do you guys think?
  6. Huey and Riley Freeman attend Bullsworth Academy

    Grandad sends Huey and Riley to boarding school after many days of stressing teachers, making students cry, and just spreading mass political propaganda.

    They get sent to what is called the...
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    Saitama Joins... EVERTHING

    Saitama gets teleported to different universes joining teams in their efforts to preserve humanity and/or their homeworld. How does he do? What obstacles would he face?

    1) The Avengers /Marvel-616...
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    The Avengers are recruiting

    The following are being scouted by SHIELD and Captain America to be part of the Avengers Special Ops Unit.

    The Candidates are:

    Beatrix Kiddo(Kill Bill)

    John Wick

    James Bond
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    I would say Goldberg, Stone Cold Steve Austin,...

    I would say Goldberg, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Triple H, and Hulk Hogan would make the final 4.
  10. Who can go toe to toe with Conan the Barbarian?

    Conan stands in the center of the Khazan waiting for an opponent. The only problem is that everyone has cowered from the challenge. The great judges have tasked you to pick an opponent worthy of the...
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    Guy Sensei vs Yujiro Hanma

    Both are standing 100 ft away

    No weapons

    Round 1: Pre Shippuden Guy

    Round 2: Post Shippuden Guy

    Round 3: add in Rock Lee Shippuden
  12. Iron man claims the Iron Throne [Game of Thrones Spoilers]

    Right before the Dragon melts the Iron throne, out from a portal pops out Iron Man.

    A mysterious entity revived him after End Game and landed him smack at the end of Game of Thrones.

    Iron man...
  13. I'm here for your enjoyment 😂

    I'm here for your enjoyment 😂
  14. *Gives Thanos fidget spinner* Thanos: *holding...

    *Gives Thanos fidget spinner*

    Thanos: *holding spinner at the center*

    Me:*spins it* You see that... balance.

    Then take him to a Cracker Barrel, if he still wants to end the world, I tried.
  15. [BIG SPOILERS]Thanos' Army vs The Night King's Army

    The battle takes place in the end setting of End Game where the final battle took place.

    Thanos' whole army vs the Night King and the white walkers

    Who wins.

    Round 1: no Gaunlet thanos /...
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    In the Netflix show, The Order, the werewolves...

    In the Netflix show, The Order, the werewolves are pelts that attach themselves to humans to bond, in order to police the magic users in the show, they are shown to have durability and healing factor...
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    The Real World: Paranormal

    8 Groups of Spirits are Haunting the Amityville Horror House, but the Goal is to Kick Every Other Entity Out. All Motion Captured using Supernatural Cameras.

    -Samara Morgan(The Ring)

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    Yeah I'm gonna go with Austin, has won multiple...

    Yeah I'm gonna go with Austin, has won multiple rumbles and a ring clearer. Prime Austin is just too tough.
  19. Canon, but technically hasn't done it mid-match...

    Canon, but technically hasn't done it mid-match to my knowledge. Undertaker is 6'10 which is a few inches taller than Michael and trained in some martial-arts[Undertaker]. Michael is durable enough...
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    Gorillas vs Lizards

    The Following Armies will Collide in the same Battlefield as the final battle from Narnia.


    Grodd:(CW Flash)
    Cesar and 100,000 Ape Army(Planet of the Apes)
    King Kong(Island)...
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    If the plan is to silence: Tools: Spoon and...

    If the plan is to silence:

    Tools: Spoon and Peanut Butter

    *Frantically feeds peanut butter to llama to keep quiet*
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    Well I made this because I was personally curious...

    Well I made this because I was personally curious what you guys rate mma vs fiction, and to be honest i'm not disappointed. Everyone came with valid answers I just didn't think too much of the scale...
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    Composite MMA Fighter Run the Gaunlet

    This Fighter has the Combined Strength, Speed, Reflexes, Durability, and skill of every fighter from UFC, Bellator, Invicta, Pride, and WSOF.

    The fighter is a 7' 265 Lbs Heavyweight with an 85"...
  24. A silverback Gorilla and a Chimpanzee to use the...

    A silverback Gorilla and a Chimpanzee to use the guns and be muscle, an African Rhino for transport, A German Shepard for an alarm and tactical, and a Grizzly Bear for crowd control.
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    Chucky Gaunlet

    Chucky is running the doll Gaunlet. In the Khazan arena. Gets healed between rounds. Has a knife and a Pistol(gets reloaded every round)

    -Commando Elite Chip Hazard{Combat Knife}

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