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  1. Ideas for props/replicas from DC Comics?

    Where would I be able to find props / replicas based on DC Comics?
  2. Standout/Favourite issues from New Teen Titans (1980)?

    What are your favourite/standout issues from Marv Wolfman’s New Teen Titans from 1980 - 1984?
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    What are your favourite stories?

    What are your favourite DC stories of all time?
  4. What are some cool things to start collecting if you’re a DC Fan?

    I want to start collecting some items that are DC Comics related. Can anyone recommend anything I can start collecting?
  5. Is it worth reading Swamp Thing Vol. 2 (1982) from the beginning?

    I’ve heard some really good things about when Alan Moore takes over Swamp Thing from #20 but I was just wondering if it’s worth reading the series from the beginning or just reading Alan Moore’s run?
  6. Does anyone else skip issues they’re not interested in?

    If I’m reading a comic and I’m not interested in certain issues I’d skip them. Does anyone else do this?
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    What DC Comics have you read?

    In the past 10 years, what are some of the DC Comics you have read? And which have been your favourites? It can be new and old!
  8. Advice for making notes on DC comics?

    I'm looking to make notes about the comics I've read to help me remember stuff that has happened or information related to specific characters. Does any one have any advice or ideas on how I could do...
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    Poll: How would you rank DCs crisis events?

    If you were to rank all the crisis events from favourite to least favourite, how would you rank them?
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    How do you plan your comics?

    How do you plan what comics you read next? Also, how would you decide between reading some comics digitally and some comics in print?
  11. What are the different eras of DC Comics?

    If you were to break up DC Comics into different eras along with the years, what would it be?
  12. What helps you remember things that have happened in comics?

    I don’t have the best memory and I forget things really easily so I’m wondering if there’s a way to remember things that I read in comics, especially if I read a lot of them. Do you have any ideas or...
  13. What single issue or storyline is your favourite for your favourite character?

    If you had to pick your favourite single issue or storyline for your most favourited character, what would it be?
  14. What new or old titles would you like to see?

    Are there any new titles you’d love to see or any old titles you’d love to see revived?
  15. Does anyone use a spreadsheet to keep track of the DC Comics they read?

    I was thinking of creating some kind of spreadsheet to keep track of both floppies and collected editions. Does anyone have any examples or ideas for how to structure it?
  16. Can anyone recommend some reading for Jack Kirby’s Fourth World?

    I really like the fourth world characters and I tried to get into the 1970s series but couldn’t. Are there any other titles worth reading for the fourth world?
  17. Does anyone know of any good digital comics subscription service?

    I live in the UK and I can’t get access to DC Universe Infinite without a vpn. Are there any other digital subscription service I can use in the UK?
  18. Thank you. This is exactly what I’m looking for!

    Thank you. This is exactly what I’m looking for!
  19. Is there a website or app for key issues?

    Is there something which tells you important information about certain issues of DC Comics. For example you can find out the first issue Batman appeared in or the first issue a crossover happened in?
  20. Do you read new DC comics, old comics or both?

    Do you prefer reading new and modern comics or older comics that have previously published? Or do you like to do both and keep up with the new and modern comics whilst also reading older comics?

  21. Who uses spreadsheets to keep track of what they read?

    I’m curious about who uses spreadsheets to keep track of what comics they read? If you do, it would cool if you could drop them below so I can look over them please?
  22. Do you annotate or make notes comics?

    Some people find it easier to take notes or annotate comics to help them remember. Do you do this? If so, what kind of notes/annotations do you make?
  23. How do you retain the information from comic?

    When you’ve read lots of comics, how do you retain the information from those comics?
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    Comic storage folder for floppies?

    Is it worth storing floppies within a plastic wallet with a backing board and putting them in a binder folder? I want to keep my floppies in a folder rather than a box. Other than this idea, are...
  25. How would you decide what trades to get?

    I'm trying to save money by reading comics online and then if I like them enough I'd buy them in trade. Would you reccomend this or are there better ways of deciding what trades to collect?
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