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    Default Fellow Artists and Sci-Fi Writers: This will be our Collaborative Comicbook

    This will be our Collaborative Comic book project. If you are interested share your email and we will join in "" to organize and collaborate to complete the first Marvel Tribute Comic. I believe, we can influence the direction of the main comics storylines!! We may even earn a job!


    We will write a comic book story involving the mainstream Marvel character favorites such as Thor, Spiderman, Hulk, etc.

    Each story will be edited by one of us (writers)

    Each panel will be colored/inked/penciled by one of us (Illustrators)

    ANIMATORS TOO! (not too easy though!)


    Announce your skill and talent and give sample of your skill/talent level in the form of illustration or very concise/short writing sample


    I will create Topic/Theme/Concept of the first story, but just to get started only... eventually we will all have a chance to contribute and all vote on stories topics/theme/concepts

    All stories will only be posted here and on Youtube

    Lets go! Excelsior!

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    Default Comic Writer looking for Artist

    Comic Writer looking for artist/artists to collaborate with. My writing ranges from short form to multi-part series and covers anything from horror and sci-fi to underground boxing and Djinni's. Would love to write from scratch as well if an artist would prefer. If you would like any sample scripts to see if styles mesh, please email me at

    Thanks guys!

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