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    Default A question about accessing this forum

    I've been wondering about this for a while. Sometimes I can't access this forum using the internet connection in my home because the IP address is banned by the forum administrator. Other times I can access it like usual. That has been happening for several times already. That's why every time my IP address is banned, I will wait until it's not, unfortunately I'm not keeping up on how long the ban usually is every time it happens before it's available again, but I'm sure it takes more than one day.

    So what I want to ask is, how and why does that happen? Are there other members here who also experience the same issue as me? Currently I can access this forum from home but I don't know if it won't happen again next time (I really hope it won't for sure).

    Thank you for reading and I hope I can get the answers I want.

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    I have experienced this before and all you need is pm the mod option informing then that it's still you and they'll let you access the site right away. It was happening to me before because i was always automatically signed in to the site on cp when i turn on the wifi and when i either keep the wifi on or turn it off, and immediately signs in to a pcm i get that error. But since i always "pm the mod", this tine, idont get the error enymore,

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    It's not uncommon for this to happen sometimes to people. Between the spammers and nuisances we get rid of on the forums, a lot of IPs go on our block list. If you find your IP blocked and are one of our many users that never cause any problems on the forums, contact us so we can investigate the situation and help you out.
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