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    Quote Originally Posted by Angilasman View Post
    There's a bit of a stratification among comic fans in the US. Among superhero fans? Black and white is not preferred - these fans may be totally unfamiliar with black and white comic art. Among indie and manga fans? Black and white is totally normal.

    I mean, manga is probably the most widely read kind of comic in the US and they're almost all black and white.
    That's interesting. I like manga but regard it as being another word for comic basically.

    What I would also consider interesting is that for comics in its entirity - American comics or any comics - it would NOT be realistical to say that any of them would have to be either B&W or color. Not superhero comics and not "independent" comics - now or anywhere in the past.

    Marvel and DC have successfully created a platform for hugely popularising comic material worldwide, most often in exchange for attaining property rights. In color as much as in B&W formats it should be noted. What Marvel and DC didn't do is introduce American comics nor either the wellknown 4-color practice since any those comics already thrived prior in the US from what I understand.

    What I consider also interesting is that (according to Wikipedia) the first comic book as we know it would actually be neither American or European but sort of both - being Hergé's Tin Tin, funded and made possible by an American newspaper tycoon in 1934 forced to look outside the US for enterpreneuring, because due to the Great Depression American produce proved at a stalemate between the powerful unions demanding proper pay on one side and on the other the Hoover Acts subsidizing any investors to effectively bypass any US domestic infrastructures!
    Coincidentally Hergé apparently insisted on doing actual full page sequential art (instead of 3-panel-newspaper "strips"), preferably with black, white and more support colors if possible, whereas I presume Hergé's distinct rich yet effective pastel-type color palette was only realised later than the dire 1930s.

    To say that American comics aren't color OR B&W only. Whereas reality or actual history appears much more diverse, much more non-singular than "either/or". Would be my point.
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    Looks like the Hellboy In Hell LE has been pushed to October 11th. Bummer. I guess one more week won't kill me.

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    I saw that as well. Oh well, it's still a must buy for me.

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