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    Default Comic shop/s in Paris?

    Going to be in Paris for a few days, was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for comic shops in the city?

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    Hi !

    Well, it mostly depends on whether or not you'd be willing to move around in the city a lot or not.
    And also, on what you'd want to purchase eventually ?
    Delays are awfully long in France when it comes down to comics, to the point that if you want to follow a storyline "in real time" with the US, one has to either go digital or have the original comics be shipped directly from the US.
    In the latter case, I'd recommend Pulp's Comics, a shop in the 5th arrondissement (9 rue Dante).
    It used to be my favorite shop because of its location in the center of the city (it's pretty neat in term of access) AND their ability to keep up with the US, both in terms of variety of books proposed and rythm of publication (they are up to date with all the US novelties on a weekly basis).
    Never mind them being a bunch of very enthusiastic and competent comicbook fans !
    Even though I'm mostly digital nowadays, it's a definitive stop when it comes down to US comics.

    Here's their blog:

    In a different trend, if you're curious and have some free-time, you've got also les Super-héros, a tiny shop mainly promoting indie titles and authors.
    Bear in mind: you won't find any US comics in there, it's mostly european comics and french authors.
    BUT it's top notch european and french comics, they have such an amazing and extensive catalogue of titles at their (thus, our !) disposal, it's almost ridiculous.
    Well worth to check out imo.
    The shop is behind Beaubourg, in the 3rd arrondissement (175 rue Saint-Martin).
    I'd heartily recommend it to you!

    And by the way, there's an exhibition dedicated to the Art of Marvel until the end of summer currently held here in Paris, at the Musée des Arts Ludiques.
    The museum is in a building called Cité de la Mode et du Design, right next to la Seine, it's impossible to miss it (34 Quai d'Austerlitz).
    Here's a link to their website:
    Call it an extra.
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