View Poll Results: What X-Man need her own book?

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  • Cyclops

    18 13.24%
  • Angel

    7 5.15%
  • Beast

    1 0.74%
  • Storm

    15 11.03%
  • Colossus

    3 2.21%
  • Nightcrawler

    6 4.41%
  • Rogue

    12 8.82%
  • Gambit

    14 10.29%
  • Kitty

    1 0.74%
  • Psylocke

    10 7.35%
  • Polaris

    12 8.82%
  • Havok

    3 2.21%
  • Bishop

    3 2.21%
  • Jubilee

    2 1.47%
  • Other

    29 21.32%
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    Default What X-Man need her own book?

    I know that many times people have maked you this question, but since Iceman ,Cable, Jean is having a book, and she has never had one, and even another one in december, who do you want to have a book?. Personally, i think a new Storm book could sell a lot compared to the old one, because she really needs her own comic, she is kinda underrated now on the comics and im getting tired of kitty on the spotlight.... what can i say about wolverine? he is almost on every book, and allways have had her own book, so, who do you think is time for her own book ? , And what would you like the comic to be about? . Im sorry if your favorite x-man is not on the list <3

    Im sorry if your favorite x-man is not on the list <3
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    emma frost: leading her own team like x-force and getting a new lover. no more crazy ex-girlfriend
    adult jean: searching her place in the world
    adult cyclops: some quest for redemption so he can be in good terms again with the avengers, the x-men and jean grey
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    Emma Frost- she deserves it
    I’ve just published my very first work on ‘Archive of Our Own’, under the same name as here. It is the first chapter of ‘I Am My Own Best Friend ~ An Emma Frost Road Trip’, which focuses on Emma between the events of IvX and Secret Empire, including the White Queen going on a road trip, to try and have fun!

    You can read the story here:

    I hope you enjoy it as much I did writing it!

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    X-Men just don't do good in solos for whatever reason. Personally I sort of enjoyed some aspects of Storm's solo. Iceman's current solo is pretty decent. The old Mystique solo was actually awesome. Old Rogue solo was pretty good.

    There are certain "badass loner" types who sell much more sustainably in solo format. So if your question is a pure artistic one and not commercial (like 12 issues max of this book) then ok.

    I mean, technically Nate Grey had his own ONGOING solo for quite some time and toward the end it morphed into a rather weird journey which is enjoyable. Cable's "Soldier X" solo phase was also enjoyable.

    Wolverine has had a lot of interesting stuff in his solo(s) but also a lot of repetitive fluff too.

    Magneto's recent solo was good but ended in a stupid crossover and so abruptly

    Jean Greys current solo is "EH" it's OK but not great

    I like the concept some people made before of instead of a solo more "Duo" or "Trio" books featuring X-Men characters with connections to each other on some adventure or something. In a certain sense that is how I view X-Treme X-Men vol 1 really. A sort of tightly restricted group of characters isolated from main X-community on a mission
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    Adult cyclops
    Jean really is the worst character in Marvel, isn't she?
    Scemma forever Triangle never.
    Scott needs an alpha female like Bettsy.
    What woman wouldn't be attracted to Scott? He's 100% alpha male who tells the Avengers to go f*#& themselves.
    I want cyclops back free from any ginger women to be his own man.
    TeenClops should have lusted for Emma & Cuckoos. Especially Stepford Cuckoos! They're teenage triplet clones of his hottest ex, how could he not be?
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    I don't think any of them "needs" his/her own book. The X-men work better as a soap-operatic ensemble imo.

    That said I would be interested in a Havok (won't happen), Storm (as long as it's not BP-related), Colossus or Psylocke book if done right

    Rogue, Gambit or (Adult) Cyclops probably could also sustain a solo. I doubt others from the list can in their current state.

    Kitty already has her own book.
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    Emma needs a team, and I'd say Rogue needs a solo or a team, anything to stop her being a bloody avenger.

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    Bishop/Emma, I'd like to see more of both but I feel they should each seek out redemption in their own time before making them any particular team's problem.

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    I voted my man Cyclops (not Tyke)
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    I voted for Gambit, but there's a lot of characters that could work in a solo series. Magik, Psylocke, Bishop, Cyclops for instance.

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    None right now. Cause it will not sell well.
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    While I think 616 Cyclops needs a series to sort out the mess he's gone through recently, I really want Archangel to get a (limited) series. Psylocke, the Apocalypse Twins, his fractured mind, the Horsemen, Apocalypse himself... It could be epic in scale while also being intimately personal and wrapping the loose ends of Remender's Dark Angel Saga and Uncanny Avengers runs.
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    How would a adult Cyclops solo book even work. He has no resources, no assets and no allies. To have a solo book you should have at least one of those things. Would he just be hitch-hiking across the country, how would he help mutants if he can't get to them. Cyclops has forever been tied to the X-men in some capacity, always having a team around him. How would he function with essentially nothing but the clothes on his back, does he even own anything of value?

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    Voting in one is unfair.

    Solo Adult Cyclops, Pyslocke, Magik, Magneto, Rogue, Jean adult or Storm (just need a good writer).

    Emma works best with a team but I would kill for The Adventures of Cyclops and Emma.
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    I would like to see the following four get their own series':
    A) Adult Jean Grey (preferably the one who originally was merged with a mysterious cosmic force and called herself Phoenix),
    B) Storm (and NO Black Panther/T'Challa - they're DONE (and really, NEVER should have been)),
    C) Polaris, and finally,
    D) Kitty Pryde.

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