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Storm (air/ zoning)
Daredevil (ground/ rush)
Gambit (ground/ zoning)
Wolverine (ground/ rush)
Angela (air/ rush)

Asura (ground/ rush)
Ken w/ Psycho-Power Ken (ground/rush/ zoning)
Captain Commando (ground/ zoning)
Hayato (ground/ rush)
Protoman (ground/ zoning)

I thought about not using so many X-Men but... There no X-Men in the game at all yet. It wouldn't be out of line to make all 5 X-Men. Sentinel still deserves a spot and Cable should make a return, however because there is more "assist" function, both characters would be used differently. Probably not as much, well that would effect Cable more than Sentinel. I would have used Cage, but his powerset is too much like Haggar without a flinch.
I actually wanted to choose all five for marvel to be all xmen but i also have favorites outside xmen. But Magneto deserves to be in the game. Sentinel too but i was thinking why not give the slot to Apocalypse instead of Sentinel?