The Dark Knight Returns was a Tour DíForce, a pierce de resistance and other French terms that make something sound really good. Upon its release in 1986 it changed the landscape of comics, in an instant making the 1966 version of Batman irrelevant and presenting a darker version of the Caped Crusader that would endure for the next three decades.

It was a huge success both critically and commercially and as with all things successful, the company behind it wanted more. More money, more success so it became more of commodity. In 2001 Frank Miller was commissioned to create a sequel that would take place after the initial book, extending itís continuity.

Often works like this suffer a sophomore curse. When a property is so highly regarded it becomes difficult for itís offshoots to live up to the memory, nostalgia and high esteem that fans hold in their heart. Weíve seen it with Terminator, Star Wars, The Lord Of The Rings and several properties with with obligatory sequels down the line.

The Dark Knight Strikes Again was no different.

Criticised by many the reputation of this book precedes it. Often used as a punchline it is laughed at by many, yet regarded by some as ground breaking.

Iím here to find out if itís as bad as everyone says or like Grant Morisson states, it is a master piece.

Watch my video review to find out. I'd love to hear your thoughts on it too, especially as I think they will be quite divisive on here.