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    God awful.

    But I guess Marvel's editors subconcious working at it hardest to run the X-books to the ground.

    Good job X-office if that is your true goal.
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    Absolutely none of the books piqued my interest, I haven't been enthused by the X-books in a long time. Just gonna continue to grow my collection of anything else for the foreseeable future.

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    Only buying Astonishing, Blue, Gold and Jean Grey. Trade waiting Iceman.
    Fairly disappointed in Gold. The depth is superficial at best and has been pretty heavy handed with its pretty political preaching. Plus the artwork has been boring at best (but that's to be expected since Marvel has completely disregarded it's artists.)
    Same can be said for Blue which is a complete surprise. Bunn was doing an incredible job on Uncanny and there were glimmers of greatness here, but then we got Wolverine #32 and another version of Storm. Blah.
    Jean has been moderately intetesting but as someine above has said, there's been no character growth for the character outside of turning her book into a new Marvel Team Up series...the only thing missing is Spider-man.
    Astonishing is the only one not misfiring.

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    I had high hopes for Resurrxion but am mostly disappointed. I like the team in X-Men Gold and have enjoyed some of the interactions, but Kitty/Peter again (ugh) and the retread isn't working. I don't like the Prestige name but glad to see Rachel. It's a nostalgia trip but only halfway successful. I wanted to hate X-Men Blue because I don't care for the time displaced O5, but Bunn has done some great things so far - although he is undoing them by adding Jimmy Hudson and Bloodstorm. Weapon X is eh, interesting. Jean Grey is better than it should be, IceMan is remarkable, Cable is intriguing - looking forward to the New(er) Mutants, Generation X is a mixed bag - would like it to be more OG version, All-New Wolverine is pretty amazing and OML is kind of fun. I like Astonishing so far, but some of the interactions leave me guessing.
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