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Great Great idea! I really like the idea of posting pictures with little interesting facts about her. To your point about Tchalla I love them as a pair but I think it's important she be able to stand on her own beyond being his wife or ex. So I agree with you from that perspective.

Thank you so much again for your insight. It was very much appreciated.

Thank you again for your insight
Sure! I'm going to do those things, and "Storm" will almost certainly be a staff pick and a highlighted book. My wife is Kenyan, if I didn't support the book she'd be disappointed! She's not into comics but makes an exception for Storm. Beyond that I love the character and think she should be as popular and relevant as Wonder Woman, at least. She's one of Marvel's untapped treasures.

I'm not playing up the marriage. It's too reductionist of her character. Even though she was written really well in that period (I just re read Hudlin's Black Panther run, and I really liked his Storm and his portrayal of their relationship) I still think it's best to have her be thought of as an independent character.

It can give the impression that becoming a wife and queen elevated her, when in reality she was a goddess before, so being a queen was a step down!