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    Default All Star Batman: The First Ally

    So what do you think about the last story line of All Star Batman.

    I think it was a good read and I like that they finally tried to do an Origin for Alfred, but I have mixed feelings about this origin.

    Alfred being already trained to be some kind of Batman seems an odd retcon for me.

    Whats also strange is that while they refer to Alfreds medical training (I think he is even called doctor in the story) he is just sown to be an "ordinary" special ops soldier in the flash backs and him being an actor is completely ignored. It also looks like he was only 21 when he took his fathers place as the new Butler of the Wayne family (he was soldier from 18 to 20 and than was in the Nemesis program for just a year) which seems also quite young imo.

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    I really liked it actually, despite having some mixed feelings on the Alfred origin aspects. The story was just interesting and the art and style was top knotch.

    Sadly, we're nearing the end of Snyder's time with Batman for now, and I wish that weren't the case. I would rather seem him and King doing Batman still at the same time in different books.
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