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    Default Mutants of Mass Destruction: Weapon X Appreciation

    I honestly love Greg Pak's Weapon X series. It's a pretty good team, (thought it would be even better with Deadpool or X-23,) and it really doesn't deserve all the hate and disinterest it's been getting. And I really liked the Frank Tieri era team as, the Exiles Weapon X. So, let's give these great teams the appreciation they deserve!
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    I also like the book, the tie in with hulk was good though i got very frustrated with Cho during it but I suppose that shows it was an engaging story. looking forward to wolverine being involved marvel seem to be taking it slow and trying out wolverine and OML in the same book possibly as a prelude to them getting their own book or 2 wolverines.

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    I kind of liked it, but I can't stand Cho-Hulk, so I dropped it. Will pick up again after Weapon H story is done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Calaigah View Post
    I kind of liked it, but I can't stand Cho-Hulk, so I dropped it. Will pick up again after Weapon H story is done.
    I hated Pak's characterization on Creed. That's my main complaint as a fan of the character. So that's why I dropped it. This is gonna be a long-running series, so Creed's stuck with Pak for a while, & probably won't be written by anyone else.

    The book itself isn't horrible. Domino, Warpath, Deathsrike & OML are all fine. I just don't think Pak is good for Creed. Same way some feel Remember. doesn't write a good Daken.

    If I read that Sabretooth's character is done more justice, then I could pick it back up.
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    Weapon X!!!
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