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    Jenny Finn #2

    London's murderer has been executed . . . but they caught the wrong man. Desperate for answers, a group of Londoners holds a seance to contact the supposed killer, but his story of a young girl born of the sea who has arrived in London with a terrible curse only brings them more questions.
    Mike Mignola and Troy Nixey's acclaimed series, in color for the first time by Eisner Award-winner Dave Stewart!

    Writer: Mike Mignola, Troy Nixey
    Artist: Troy Nixey
    Colorist: Dave Stewart
    Cover Artist: Mike Mignola
    Genre: Crime, Horror
    Publication Date: December 13, 2017
    Format: FC, 32 pages; Miniseries
    (U.S. cover) Price: $3.99
    UPC: 7 61568 00218 8 00211

    Issue #2 is due out this week.

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    So... Jenny Finn, part of the Hellboy universe? I've always had a feeling this one may not be a standalone.
    Lots of talk about things that we know are linked to Abe in the Hellboy universe, especially in issue 3, could this comic be tied in? Especially now it is back on comic stands.
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    Final issue came to a tragic and dramatic if slightly gross conclusion. The Change in artists wasn't jarring, but it looks rushed at times (probably a deadline problem) and it would have been better if Nixey could have finished it up.
    Still all and all an enjoyable, but creepy series.
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