Double standard maybe!?
Cyclops killed one person (X) while being fully 100% possessed by the Phoenix. Namor wiped out the Wakanda capital.
I don't see any punishment or even cold shoulder toward Namor, but everyone hates Cyclops? oh well, he is Namor. He has anger issues, he is passionate.
What about Charles Xavier, the pathological liar and biggest hypocrite of them all. I can't see why everyone gives "St. Charles the infallible sacred cow" a pass. I guess mindraping X-Daddy can't do anything wrong in hero community eyes.

The whole "Cyclops was mean to Fart clowd" - led to "cyclops worse than Hitler". That's not even logical.
That is a horrible editorial nonsense.

Look at the difference how Marvel/Heros treating Steve/Hydracap and Cyclops.

We can question Scarlet Witch, Wolverine, Jean Grey, Carol Danvers, Tony Stark, Black Bolt, Medusa, Beast, Emma Frost questionable behavior but try to be OBJECTIVE

Fox doesn't seem to give a damn about Scott. I don't even think Marvel Studios would give Cyclops his due if they had the rights.
If anything Marvels treatment of Cyclops and mutants in general is a great allegory for how mutants are treated in the marvel universe.

Our boy Scott will continue to fight to protect a world ( Disney owned company) that hates and fears him.

You are not supposed to see Cyclops as being right though. The writers keep sh-g on him, telling the reader that Cyclops is an awful human being and he deserves to die.

Just thinking out loud.