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    when was the last time there was a team up with johnny and Jim hammond?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hypestyle View Post
    when was the last time there was a team up with johnny and Jim hammond?
    Wasn't there something not too long ago where they ran into each other? I could be misremembering.

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    In Robinson's final issue of Fantastic Four.
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    Strange Tales #115 Dec 1963
    "The Sandman Strikes!"
    Summoned by Reed Richards to the Baxter Building, the Human Torch is informed
    that his next mission is to stop the Sandman who has just escaped from prison.

    Finding the crook, the Torch is told that Sandman will only face Spider-Man, as Spider-Man is the hero who had put him behind bars.
    The Torch then disguises himself as Spider-Man and issues a challenge to the villain to fight him one on one,

    however, the Sandman gets the drop on "Spider-Man" and attacks him from behind.
    The Torch flames on, burning his imitation Spider-Man suit in the process, and tries to
    fight Sandman again, and even when doused in water and unable to use his flame powers,

    the Torch manages to gain the upper hand and defeat Sandman, turning him over to the authorities.
    The real Spider-Man, who had been making his way towards the scene of the battle does not arrive until the fight is over.
    Spider-Man expresses relief that the Torch is okay, but he is also worried that the Torch may be a more successful teenage superhero than he is.

    Script by Stan Lee (co-plot, dialogue) and Dick Ayers (co-plot, uncredited), art by Dick Ayers
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    Why have I never seen this thread?! Anyway very glad to see this, as I'm fan of those old Torch, and then Torch-and-Thing, Strange Tales stories. So many great scans here, thanks.

    In an FF thread I just posted about how cool it would have been had Dorrie Evans attended Alicia and Ben's wedding. Alicia and Dorrie were friends, here they are in Strange Tales #130, the famous Beatles story.

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