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    Default Chaos & Order! Khalid Ben-Hassin Appreciation!!

    In my opinion Khalid Hassin has, by far, the best looking Dr Fate costume! Black and Gold is such a beautiful combination! I'm a fan of the character and enjoyed reading about him in the Earth 2 ongoing from a while back, so i figured, why not give him his own appreciation thread. Such a shame that he's currently in limbo!

    Anybody else a fan? How would you reintroduce/rebirth him into the greater DCU? I'd personally give him a new superhero ID but with the same powerset and look.
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    I liked him when I first read him. Definitely has one of the best Fate costumes however some artist do make the original outfit look really good. It's sucks because I don't remember anything he actually did in Earth 2, it's been so long. I would reintroduce him as another DC sorcerer.

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