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    Default Marvel Famous Firsts Box Set

    Do any of you guys own this set? I was wondering about the hardcovers that come with it and their qualities (ie. binding and such)?

    Also, I am not yet ready to buy one but if you are looking to, is selling it for a ridiculously cheap price ($178.30CAD/$138USD). It's being sold by Amazon itself, I had questions about the authenticity at that price but it looks fine to me. Figured I'd throw this in here if any of you guys are looking for this set.

    I look forward to your replies on the quality of the books and have a great day!


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    I don't own this set but it's a Masterworks set so these are the best quality hardcovers Marvel puts out both paper quality and binding (shame they are only standard size). amazon sometimes has really good deals and it's definitely authentic. The only problematic thing with amazon is their packaging but at least they are good with returns and refunds.

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