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    Default What letters have you have published?

    I was just going through my collection and saw that I've had 9 letters published, not counting my picture during the I Am an Avenger event. 7/9 of the letters were from Marvel. 1 was from Arcana and the other from Image. Have you had any letters published, and what was your favorite? I think mine is my Fantastic Four one since Franklin and Val were answering questions. I'm sad I never had any published from DC, but I now realize I never sent any.

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    I had one letter published in Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme right before the end of the series (#84? 85?) during DeMatteis run, and another published during PAD's Aquaman. The issue number escapes me, but I think it was the "Final Night" tie-in...?

    I wrote about 10 more (both DC and Marvel books) but never had another one published.
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