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    Default Should we have a thread for "final message" for members who will be banned?

    I was thinking it would be a great idea if there's a thread that the moderators can post on behalf of the permanently banned members.

    So even if the members are permanently banned, a message will inform them that they send a final message for everyone to see.

    But of course, the final message must be all good or else the moderators will inform the permabanned member to modify their message.

    The reason i want it is because sometimes you want to let certain posters know how much you have appreciated them and most especially, you can add your fb or twitter account or your username from another site or your email address so that those who were close to you can still communicate with you.

    What do you guys thinks?

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    Nope. Bad Idea Jeans
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    When someone is banned, it is invariably because they have chosen to not live by the (rather basic) expectations of the community.
    Why should they be allowed a 'final message' when they've actively chosen to not do the right thing to begin with?
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