Batman and The Monster Men by Matt Wagner is an absolute classic. It captures perfectly the tone of a rookie Batman dealing with his first deadly test. I gave the book a 9/10 due to its groundbreaking tone and re-imagining of old tales. Similar to that re-imagining, DC have decided to once again reboot the Hugo Strange Monster Men motif with their series: Rebirth. Beginning Rebirthís first ever crossover event it has a lot riding on itís shoulders. Potentially this could sour the taste I have of the source material by Wagner and it could cause the rebooted Rebirth universe to start with a whimper instead of a bang.

Will it live up to the potential it has and deliver Rebirthís first crossover hit?

Or should this crossover be crossed off the list when discussing great Batman stories (I admit that barely works as a metaphor).

Check out my review below to find out and leave your thoughts as to whether it lived up to the potential or not. Cheers

Batman: Night Of The Monster Men Review