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    Default Trying to get into Green Lantern

    Where do I start?

    Is there a reading order for the last... say ten years? THANK YOU

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    Start with Green Lantern: Secret Origin. It's by Geoff Johns & Ivan Reis, who, along with Ethan Van Sciver, were both the primary creative forces behind the GL franchise for the past decade. It explains everything you need to know about the mythos.

    Then, you can move on to Rebirth, GLCorps Recharged, No Fear, and so on.

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    I think the chronological order of the trades is:

    Secret Origins, which is a primer for new readers on Hal Jordan, Sinestro and the GLCorps
    Rebirth, which cleans up the mess created by the mid-1990s $#!+canning of the GL mythos
    Recharged, which restores the GLCorps with Guy Gardner & Kyle Rayner as co-leads with Kilowog
    No Fear, which re-establishes Hal's new status quo on Earth
    Revenge of the Green Lanterns, which sets up the Manhunters
    Wanted: Hal Jordan, deals with the fallout of the One Year Later status quo following Infinite Crisis
    Sins of the Star Sapphires, re-establishes Zamarons as the keepers of the Violent Light of Love
    Rage of the Red Lanterns, introduces Atrocitus and his hate-fueled ringbearers.
    Sinestro Corps War, big throwdown with Sinestro's army of yellow fear-mongers
    Agent Orange, introduces Larfleeze, and the light of greed
    Blackest Night, the culmination of all the War of Light storyline
    Brightest Day, the epilogue to Blackest Night
    War of the Green Lanterns, the title says it all.

    Then, the New 52 reboot happened, but the GL books continued without any change with:

    Sinestro, is a good palate cleanser after all the craziness of the previous storylines
    The Revenge of Black Hand, which introduces Simon Baz
    The End (aka Wrath of the First Lantern)

    After that, I would recommend reading Johns's Forever Evil & Darkseid War, which introduces Jessica Cruz, the newest GL.

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    I'd follow up on the above with Green Lantern: Kyle Rayner Vol 1 for the Emerald Twilight arc and the introduction of Kyle

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    Which Green Lantern?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kevinism View Post
    Where do I start?

    Is there a reading order for the last... say ten years? THANK YOU
    Yes there is a reading order.

    First you have to know that there are 2 main series: Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corp

    The reading order has mutiple phases:

    1.Parallax Arc
    2.Geoff Johns huge run
    3.the end of the New52
    4.Dc Rebirth - not to confuse with Geoff John first story also called Rebirth

    During Geoff John's run he only wrote GL, so most GLC stories are not collected in his Omnibuses and are optional

    here is the full reading order - Must reads are in bold - during Geoff Johns run it is better to also read non-bold stories of GL:

    optional / prequel : paralax arc

    1.GL: Emerald Dawn
    2.GL: Emerald Twilight / New Dawn
    3.GL: Baptism of Fire
    4.Zero Hour: Crisis in Time - a DC Event
    5.The Final Night - a DC / Green Lantern Event

    Green Lantern omnibus by Geoff Johns - book 1 / Sinestro Corp War

    1.GL: Rebirth
    2.GL: No Fear
    3.GLC: Recharge (not optional)
    4.Indenity Crisis - a DC crossover, prequel to Infinit Crisis
    4b.Infinite Crisis - a DC crossover
    5.GL: Branded
    6.GL: Revenge of the Green Lanterns
    7.GLC: To be a Lantern
    8.GL: Wanted - Hal Jordan
    9.GL: Mystery of the Star Sapphire
    10.GLC: The Dark Side of Green
    11.GL: The Sinestro Corps War
    12.GL: Tales of the Sinestro Corps

    Green Lantern omnibus by Geoff Johns - book 2 / Blackest Night

    1.GLC: Ring Quest
    2.GL: The Alpha-Lantern
    3.GL: Secret Origin - Can be read any time, it is independant
    4.GLC: Eye of the Beholder
    5.Final Crisis - a DC crossover
    6.Ion: The Torchbeared - spin-off mini-serie
    7.Ion: The Dying Flame - spin-off mini-serie
    8.GL: Rage of the Red Lanterns
    9.GLC: Sins of the Start Sapphire
    10GL: Agent Orange
    11.GLC: Emeral Eclipse
    12.Blackest Night - A DC / Green Latern Event by Geoff Johns and a must read
    13.GL: Blackest Night - War of Light
    14 GLC: Blackest Night - War of Light

    Green Lantern omnibus by Geoff Johns - book 3 / Brightest day / New52

    1.Brightest Day - a DC Event and direct follow up to Blackest Night
    2.GL: Brightest Day - The New Gardians
    3.GL: Emerald Warior - Brightest day
    4.GLC: Revolt of the Alpha Lanterns
    5.GLC: The Weaponer
    6.GL: War of the Green Lanterns
    7.War of the Green Lanterns: Aftermath
    8.Flashpoint - a DC Event - start of the New52
    9.Flashpoint: The World of Flashpoint Featuring Green Lantern
    10.GL: Sinestro - New 52
    11.GLC: Freasome - New 52
    12.Red Lanterns: Blood and Rage - New 52
    13.GL, New Guardians: Ring Bearer - New 52
    14.GL: Revenge of the Black Hand - New 52
    15.GL Crossover: Rise of the Third Army - New52
    16.GL Crossover: Wrath of the First Lantern - New52
    17.GL Crossover: Lights out - New52
    -- end of Geoff Johns run --
    18.Red Lanerns: Atrocities - New52
    19.GL: Test of Will - New52
    20.Green Lantern/New Gods: Godhead - New52

    DC Rebirth / current run

    1.DC Univers Rebirth - a DC Event (also written by Geoff Johns)
    2.Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps: Sinestro's Law
    3.Green Lanterns: Rage Planet
    4.Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps: Bottled Light
    5.Green Lanterns: The Phantom Lantern
    6.Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps: Quest for the Blue Lanterns
    7.Green Lanterns: Polarity
    8.Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps: Fracture
    9.Green Lanterns: The First Ring

    Other Must Read

    1.Green Lantern / Green Arrrow
    2.Earth 2: The Gathering

    I hope this is clear
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