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    Quote Originally Posted by Gray Lensman View Post
    Plus the gay community is unlikely to forgive him either. Spacey basically used them as a shield and many of them are pissed.
    Oh yeah, how'd I forget that?

    Society: Spacey, you are accused of sexual assault.

    Spacey: I'm just coming to terms with being gay!

    All decent people: Plenty of people come out as gay and never sexually assault someone.

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    so Annabella Sciorra went to court.

    it felt really weird reading her charges from the early 90s and being aware of her role in the sopranos.

    she testified of having gone through alcohol abuse and cutting herself in response of the abuse forced on her by HW.
    ofc every sopranos fan knows how her relationship with tony turned out.

    the similarities appear to be striking. her character on the sopranos went to a similar downward spiral like she seemed to have gone through in real life.
    how could she have taken that role? trauma confrontation to the max. iīll have a hard time rewatching her scenes in the future, as if her fictional fate hasnīt been sad enough...

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