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    Default Batman's boys vs G-Force

    Imagine Nightwing,Red Hood,Red Robin,Robin and the Signal taking on Gatchaman/Battle of Planet's G-Force on a post apocalypse earth,who wins?
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    The Gargoyle Goons win.

    They have basically the same abilities (martial arts and gadgets) but the Gotham Grims have decades of continuity to draw crazy feats from.
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    Now this G-Force and no way are the Gotham guys going to win.

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    This is a slaughter. It isn't even funny. Gatchaman or G-Force have so many speed feats that put them much faster than the Gotham boys, including dodging automatic machine gun fire from roughly 50 goons in a wide open space with zero cover and creating tornadoes.

    The Gotham boys are slaughtered before they even realize the fight has begun. They have zero chance of winning.

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    I for one doubt the Gotham boys could handle the Science Ninja Team.
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