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    Default Finished East of West


    It had some high moments. Some parts were great. Loved the art throughout. But the story just had so many moving parts, it was easy to get a bit lost or more so to want there to be more focus on one area instead of it being spread so much. Initially I thought Death was the protagonist, and he probably is, but with so many characters amd their own motivations, he does get lost as a protagonist. Because everyone is in some way the protagonist of their own piece of the story.

    Not a bad read by any stretch. I highly recommend it. Itís a masterclass in a chess like movement of players in a story. But itís not in my top 10.

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    A strength and also a flaw of Hickmans work is that he focusses on several elements/characters of the story. Sometimes he blurs who it is we are supposed to be following. Sometimes he needs to bring it in just a little so we follow the main characters.

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