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    I'm a bit bummed to see so little love for one of Image Comic's longest running series: Savage Dragon.

    With Invincible ending, it's one of the last classic superhero books from Image. Kirkman has often cited this as (one of) his favorite books and one of the biggest influences on his work. I'm always surprised to hear people don't even know it's still coming out. How do you not know about a book that's into triple-diggits?

    Let me tell you: It is indeed still coming out. Monthly. And it just celebrated it's 25th anniversary. The book is still going strong. It's currently heading into a whole new direction and it's a great jumping on point for new readers (although Erik always makes sure to get new readers up to speed).

    So, who's reading the book? Let's hear from you fellow finheads!

    And for all those who are interested in checking it out: just got a relaunch and provides interesting previews, reviews and insights into the book.
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