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    Default Trinity #15 - Discussion & Spoilers

    The story arc is finally over, and I guess we can't fault them for at least trying to use the Wonder Woman side of the DC Universe. Here, we have Circe as the big bad, but she comes off as a raving stereotype and isn't all that interesting. There's even the "final boss" moment where she summons her Ani-Men (god I hate that name) to her and becomes a hulking creature out of 90's anime.

    However, the moment that completely caught me off guard and pleasantly surprised me... the very end. Circe spends most of the arc contemplating about how she's afraid to die. And then Ra's (who she "killed" earlier) comes back just to stab her and throw her in the Pandora Pits herself. I was really annoyed at this point, but then...

    Wonder Woman jumped in to save her.

    It was such a classic Wonder Woman moment, not allowing this maniacal villain to succumb to her own worst fears. I really liked that, and it almost made up for the mediocrity of the rest of the story.

    Oh, and yeah. Batman ultimately saved the day yet again. I forgot about that. I'm suddenly back to hating it.

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    I just finished reading it. I liked issue 14 and this current issue. Circe was a formidable foe, even if I don't necessarily like the lost soul backstory for her. More accurately, I wish they could have gone into more detail as to how she lost her soul and what the stakes are for Circe. Right now, I'm a little confused as to why she is dying at this particular time. I liked that Circe was a big enough threat that it took three different trinities and Ra's to defeat Circe. Hopefully, we can get a proper backstory in Wonder Woman as I would love to see Circe continue to be a dangerous rogue for Diana and the D.C. Universe.

    Also, Circe's design is really growing on me. I still wish they would have kept the purple hair for her. Sometimes I think of Mystique when looking at Circe, and I'm sure that's not the artist's intent.

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