As most of you know, I love Doctor Who. I own an embarrassing amount of Doctor Who stuff and have even been able to meet a few Who actors.
Luckily, I know that quite a few CBR Community folks are also Whovians - both classic series and modern. And, to be blunt, it doesn't matter in the least if you're a decades long fan who grew up with tales of the Zarbi or you only caught onto the series because you thought David Tennant was hot - if you like Doctor Who, then welcome!

Let's face it, the series has had it's high points and low - but even some of the worst of Who possesses great redeeming features. I'm not a big fan of the 1996 movie, for example; the script was pretty bad while the Eric Roberts version of The Master was embarrassing. BUT I still maintain that the 1996 theme and the TARDIS interior were both fantastic, while McGann put in a pretty strong performance considering what he had to work with.

So come on in, tell us who your favourite Doctor is. Your favourite theme! Your favourite companion! Best story! Share your Who collection, that would be pretty great!