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    Default FCBD Success Stories

    Has there been a good FCBD comic in previous years? I can only really think of the 2006 Runaways / X-Men issue which was fun. The 2008 FCBD issue made me a Pixie fan and was a good time had by all. That was years ago though.

    The only success story I have is when Amelia Rules had a free comic and I fell hard for it and bought the three trades later that same night online. Such a good series.

    Last year's Infinity wasn't bad, it was a shame that the one page of the X-Men (Wolverine, Storm and Kitty) was the only page they ever showed up in for the crossover. I had such high hopes for it.

    This year is Guardians of the Galaxy and I'm looking forward to that one.

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    Weird that two of them are GotG.

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    I like the The Lone ranger /Battle Star Galactica flip book . Got me hooked on Lone ranger by Dynamite .

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    DC has had some brilliant key books over the past couple of years.

    Marvel though, hasn't had an 'essential' FCBD book since 2007 or so, with the Avengers ensemble (all of Bendis' little offshoot teams vs one foe) ashcan. I can't even remember what they've offered in recent years, actually.

    Last year's 'Infinity' book was great, but it's contents were then entirely reprinted in the first issue of the series. The back up re-print story was far more interesting (as I don't have the original).

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