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    Default A Tribute to Mike Mignola's Hellboy Show Catalogue SC

    Here's one you might want to pick up:

    (W) Steve Purcell (A) Nick Dragotta, Patrick McDonnell, Kent Williams, James Harren, Cliff Chang (CA) Mike Mignola
    The Cartoon Art Museum's opening show catalogue for "A Tribute to Mike Mignola's Hellboy," featuring over 30 artist interpretations of the demon with a heart of gold from some of the most popular artists working today, including Nick Dragotta (East of West), Cliff Chiang (Paper Girls), James Harren (Rumble), Daniel Warren Johnson (Extremity), Patrick McDonnell (Mutts), and Kent Williams (Havoc & Wolverine, Blood).
    In Shops: Jan 03, 2018
    SRP: $24.99

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    I contacted to my LCS to confirm they will get one for me.

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