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Ultimate Peter was more emotional than MCU Peter, more of an angsty hot head -- which tracks well with the original Ditko version. He was never "popular" but he did have friends both in the beginning and later parts of the run. Peter developing a little clique is also true of the Romita era onward.

One of my issues with MCU Peter is how he's too polite, deferential... a little too cutesy. (If there's a "boy band" version of Pete, it's the MCU one.) I also think we don't have a clear understanding of his motivations or his moral code. MCU Spider-Man is a legacy character for Iron Man at this point, but maybe Far From Home will change that.

I think the best version of Peter Parker to be represented on-screen, frankly, is the Jake Johnson version from Into The Spider Verse.

--He makes a bad first impression but learns and demonstrates the value of adult responsibility. That's a pretty cool arc to do with Peter without doing the origin story!

--He's the right mix of emotional sadsack and sardonic chatty quipster

--We have a very clear sense of his moral code

--He's progressed to a point where his story is new and interesting... and in doing so, allows enough space for Miles to be the "high school Spidey"

--He actually moves with the kind of agility you imagine Spidey having when reading the comics!
Now he's a legacy character. Great. Because that sidekick nonsense wasn't enough.