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    Default Cassandra Cain vs. Samurai Jack

    Fight in a forest. Sun is almost set

    First: Bat Family post crisis Cass

    Second: Cassandra gets her "katsumi" (sp?) gear

    Third: both versions fight Jack at the same time.
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    Jack is faster, stronger and more durable than Cass. So one on one she loses. Not sure about number three.

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    Jack wins. Cass is bog standard in his universe, and he’s pretty much it’s version of Superman (as far as how good he is against pretty much anyone else).
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    Ashi is essentially Cassandra with the strength to literally punch an army to death.

    Jack is markedly above her to the point that she needs six others in her level of strength to dogpile him, with the element of surprise, while he's having a panic attack, to have a chance.

    In addition while Cassandra can dodge bullets shot for shot, Jack's standard MO is to parry automatic fire while running towards the shooter.

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    Cass' bodyreading ability can allow her to stand against Jack for a time, but his ridiculously superior stats will see him win in the end.
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    Been done before. The Cass-umi gear is a nice twist, but all it means is Jack probably ends up in another dimension and Cass ends up dead.

    Probably. The whole 'intangibility except when I don't want to be intangible' MIGHT help her.
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