I retired from comic book short-story fan-fiction, but I wanted to return to offer up a fun story about DC's Batman (our favorite semi-insane vigilante/superhero and his unusual girl-friend and sometime-ally Talia al Ghul (daughter of the underworld terrorist Ra's and head of the crime organization Leviathan. I was inpired to return to this forum one more time to present this fun Christmas tale to celebrate the holiday season!



Batman was in love with Talia al Ghul, suspicious daughter of the Gotham terrorist Ra's and head of the criminal group Leviathan. However, Talia was still on the heroic dark knight's enemy list, and Batman worried his heart-strings would collude his mission to finally bring down the criminally-insane Ra's! Batman was sitting in his bat-cave detective lair, in the secret giant underground basement of Wayne Mansion. No one knew Batman was actually Gotham City's socialite-businessman Bruce Wayne, or that the bat-cave was beneath Wayne Mansion! Batman was stewing over computer stored photos of Talia, brooding about what made the suspicious beauty so irresistible to the dark knight.

BATMAN: "The typical Gotham villainness cares about seduction and mayhem (e.g., Harley Quinn), but the 'charming' Talia reminds me of a deceptive prom-queen or something beneath the radar. She's evading my radar, and she's invited me (Bruce Wayne) to the Gotham Christmas Charity Masquerade Ball. Talia thinks I (Bruce Wayne) can accept this charmed proposal, since it's unproven if Talia is a criminal and indeed the figurehead of Leviathan and because everyone will attend the Ball masked anyway! She figures I (Bruce Wayne) will 'entreat' her, but as Batman, I wonder if it's more responsible to stalk Talia's unholy father Ra's because I know he's scheming for Christmas! Am I in love or in doubt?"

Batman (Bruce Wayne) wanted nothing more than to grab Talia, take her in his galant arms, and hold her amorously for hours on Christmas Eve, before a crackling fire in Wayne Mansion or on his rooftop at sunset on Christmas Day! However, Batman had to be sure Ra's wouldn't sneak behind his back while the romanticized dark knight was busy making love and destroy the Gotham Town Hall or Courthouse for a holiday hell-show. Ra's was purely Satanic in his criminal insanity and wouldn't simply pardon the dark knight for innocently indulging in his more human interest in storybook companionship. If this Christmas would be secure, Batman would have to be the proper character in a proper year-end 'tale' about confronting human temptations. Unfortunately, the brooding dark knight couldn't get Talia's perfume out of his otherwise dutiful person.