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    Additional "Free" Techniques/Supplementary Techniques

    Limited Flight - Ishtar is now capable of Ki/Chi aided flight. Though it is, more closely, simply the ability to hover/maneuver while airborne.

    Jump Assist - Ishtar can fire small explosions of Ki/Chi from the bottoms of her feet, slightly amplifying height of her jumps, and the strength of abilities reliant on her legs.

    Katchin Sword - Ishtar has recovered a single-edged Katchin blade from the Lookout's decrepit Armory.

    Atar Vazishta Ashtem - (Avesta: "missile[arrow] of Atar[fire] most swift") - Due to her nature, and thanks to assistance from Nunlil, Ishtar is capable of generating and firing bolts of electricity from her hands, eyes, and horns.

    Starapate˝ti - After her lesson with Grav, the Vitalmancer, Ishtar is capable of manipulating gravity by means of physical spellcasting.

    Aēva - By amplifying the effects of gravity in an area, on an object, or to a person(s), Ishtar can pin a target in place or slow progress, or cause physical harm by applying the force directly- in a short burst- to a limb or through physical contact. The longer she wishes the effect to persist, the longer Ishtar must impart energy/invoke the spell (equating to post-count), with anything beyond three posts, requiring the creation of a summoning circle.

    Paņca - Unknown at this time.

    Note: Isthar performs invocations in Avesta, the words used are translated as follows;

    - (literally "star, to fall"),
    Aēva - One
    Paņca - Five

    (Each number corresponds to the post-requirement).
    Her hands also glow
    (outfit not included).

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    Yeah, but if you... man, we're getting into weird analogy territory, like if you disintegrated Superman's arms he wouldn't be able to go "fool! Little did you know that my arms and I are one and can be remade from me!" and will his arms back into being from pure nothingness. - Pendaran

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    Quote Originally Posted by Noldere View Post
    Murderhobo Kai?

    A little bit D&Dish, but there's nothing wrong with that.
    Wayfarer Kai? Rogue Kai? Shadow Kai?
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    Oh gawd, can't believe I remember my login.

    Also placeholder.

    Name: Etrina/Erosa

    Race/Species: Human/Id

    Age: 19/8 months

    Height/Weight: 135/110

    Erosa(Base Form)
    Erosa(Magitcite Form)

    Power Level:
    Etrina: 11,500
    Erosa: 13,000

    Style: Spiritual Magecraft/Berserking

    Techniques (2 unused)
    Icy Howl - High Speed Projectile ice shards that can be formed and launched in rapid volleys.

    Life Rewinder - Temporal Healing Magic, reverting wounds and damage to a pre-damage state via localized temporal disruption. Experimental Magic with full body limitations and possibility of side-effects.

    Mystic Talismans: Creation and Magical Imbuing of Talismans. Taking the form of small paper talismans, Etrina can bind various commands and effects that apply once the talisman makes contact with a target. Talismans can be imbued with a combination of simple commands or elemental effects to achieve a desired effect. A talisman with "fire" will burst the target into flames upon contact, but a talisman with "imbue fire" will give the target the properties of fire(which more often then not also sets it on fire). Only one command phrase can be applied at present. Unless otherwise restrained, talismans can be removed by anyone.

    Alt-Time Anomaly
    For a temporary length of time (1-3 posts pending approval), Etrina can tap into the temporal steam of another timeline that is similar, but not quite, to her own....and Summon an alternate version of herself that will assist in combat for that period. The power level of the alt-Etrina will fluctuate but never exceed that of the current Etrina and will usually have a variation of her general attack kit. Once time runs out or the etrina is defeated, it will return to its original timeline with no ill effect.

    Magic Multi-Tool
    By shaping magical energy, Etrina can create weapons of an Ethereal nature with her wand as the base and handle. These weapons are entirely magical in nature, replicating the shape while powered by Etrinas general level of magical strength....making them strike as hard as Etrinas Current PL would allow. Weapons created this way with projectile aspects while function normally, but projectiles dissipate after a few moments separated from Etrina.

    Vitamancy(Event Locked) - Mystic Art of Life Channeling. Erosa can extract and utilize the Life essence of a living thing to weaken a target, strengthen an ally or increase her own power. Drain effect weakened with range, and can be channeled through physical contact or through held weapons to both drain life during a strike(strongest drain effect) or expend to increase the overall strength of a hit. Currently only apprentice level.

    Dormant Stage- Upon taking enough damage or burning through her ki reserve. Erosa will enter a dormant state, becoming immaterial and returning to her origin realm. There she is safe from harm(with the exception of mental attacks) until she can regain her strength and manifest in physical form again.

    Burning Claws - Her fingers can take on the characteristics of white hot metal blades.

    Magicite Heart - Crystallized Essence of Magic, The will to carry any burden. Charges inside Erosa body at a rate of one charge every 2 posts, up to a maximum of 5 charges. When triggered, Erosa will transform into her Magicite Form at which point a charge will be expended every turn until either completely drained or power or cut. The effects of the magicite transformation increase the longer Erosa stays in Magicite form, as does the negative side effects.
    1st Charge: Power Level increased to x1.5. Can be canceled safely and maintained without triggering another charge.
    2nd Charge: Power Level increased to x2. Body begins heating up, producing steam. Can still can canceled safely.
    3rd Charge: Power Level increases to x3. Body now too unstable to cancel magicite form normally. Must expend all remaining energy(including remaining charges) via channeled attack that will leave Erosa unable to fight for two turns.
    4th Charge: Power Level increases to x6. Maximum physical tolerance. Erosa must detonate her body at this stage to release accumulated energy....effectively knocking her out of the fight until her body can regenerate. If detonation doesn't trigger by the end of the post, it proceeds into...
    5th Charge: Power Level increases to x10. Magicite heart ruptures, creating an annihilation sphere that wipes everything inside it from existence. Cannot be regenerated, a broken heart effectively wipes Erosas existence from being reconstituted.

    Thanatos Drive EX- Strong Offensive Attack. A set of four fire wings now form from Erosas back, greatly increasing hr speed and maneuverability in the air. This can now be maintained indefinitely thanks to better regulation of her heat...While ignition can be triggered consciously to perform an explosively drive bomb maneuver. Once detonated, her body will reform over a turn of combat and she will not be able to reuse the ability again that battle.

    Thousand Maws of the Id
    Special variation on the Ki Grenade technique taught to Erosa by Kami, that uses the special nature of her ki to generate hunter/killer ki grenades in the shape of orbs with mouths. True to their nature, they will hunt down the nearest prey as though each were its own entity and viciously bit into them before self detonating with the force of a regular ki attack. As long as no more then 4 are active, Erosa can manipulate their behavior and detonation time to lay traps. Once beyond that number they progressively act more feral and obey less until they simply charge the enemy with reckless abandon. Maws can bite through most solid objects and "eat" matter which adds to their eventual detonation.

    Wound Licker
    A combination of diet, magical emissions and spacial distortion radiation have altered the basic composition of Erosas Saliva into something that has a level of healing strength stronger then Healing tank fluid. Application heals small wounds immediately, and can treat larger wounds overtime. Recipient may need to swallow pride to take full advantage.

    Subliminal Hunter/Killer(Stage 1)
    When not directly observed or in combat, Erosa can enter into a form of stealth that masks her existence from outside observers. In this Hunter/Killer form, she gives no ki emittion or detectable form of energy. Observers will be unable to consciously detect Erosa even when staring directly at her, though they will experience a strange "feeling" when she is in the visual field of that observer. The effect is broken the moment Erosa attacks or is attacked.

    Hunter/Killer Stage 2
    Erosa can trigger this effect mid battle, effectively leaving a doppelganger in her place that will continue to perform the last action Erosa was performing before dissipating(or in most cases exploding). Erosa will remain stealthed until the copy vanishes, instantly dispelling the stealth aura. Each successive use of the ability allows the mind of the defender to adapt, leading to a limited amount of times this can be used per battle. (1 starting, maybe 2-3 eventually)

    Items: Chemist Equipment, Crafted Wand, Magecraft Certificate, restraining order(ineffective), Urn of the Vitalmancer

    Special: Etrina if gifted with excellent memorization skills, Erosa has very limited regenerative capability(slightly boosted during berserking)

    A Magecraft Progeny from a well established family. Holding herself to nothing short of the highest expectations of family, peers, teachers and most importantly herself. Excelling in the study of the magic and the mysteries of the universe. Admired, Accomplished...

    It was only natural that Etrina Von Stoltengarde was the kind of girl who couldn't make a friend even if she cared to have one in the first place. Which she didn't. Far too busy to try, far to arrogant to succeed. She lived and worked by her own perfectionist life guide. Everything on time, ordered and 100% flawless in execution.

    ...and yet when the time came for the culmination of her early experimentation into a form of magic drawing directly from the mind of the user, she both succeeded and failed in the most spectacular way imaginable.

    Erosa was born. An Id. A creature formed of repressed human emotion.

    Utterly uncontrollable, violent, rude, lazy, vulgar. Everything Etrina masked behind her pretty perfectionist facade. An unwanted familiar that she would try and fail to get rid of. Yet whenever she found herself in a seemed vulgar or not, they had a bond on the most basic level.

    Didn't make Etrinas headaches any less severe at the end of the day.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MrSandman View Post
    Oh gawd, can't believe I remember my login.

    Also placeholder.

    Sandy!! :hug: No more worries my pal I will never hunt you again, over lord me is dead.

    Avatar Chou: Yes. I killed him.

    Me: Long story, in Sharpes bar.

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    Edited character sheet a bit. This time with a badly drawn picture!

    Might take some time to draw a better one later...

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    More or less finished Slak.
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    List of Known Spells

    Anubis (Summon Tulpa) - Summoning spell to call forth a thought-form daemon.

    Dar-Tanu - (Avesta: "To hold[bind], person") The same spell used to bind Earth's Guardian, Evangeline.

    Atar Vazishta - (Avesta: "the Atar[fire] most swift") By converting herself into lightning, Ishtar is capable of nigh-instantaneous short-ranged travel. At current the distance that can be instantaneously covered is roughly 100 meters.

    Starapate˝ti Aēva, Paņca (5) - (Avesta: "star, to fall") A spell devised by Ishtar, after studying under Grav the Vitalmancer that allows her to alter gravity. The longer the spell is channeled the more powerful the effect.

    Vi˝dÔt DűrÔt - (Avesta: "too seek from afar) - A spell designed to find an individual across long distances, Ishtar is capable of scrying their location so long as she is in possession of a material focus (hair, blood, etc).

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    Yeah, but if you... man, we're getting into weird analogy territory, like if you disintegrated Superman's arms he wouldn't be able to go "fool! Little did you know that my arms and I are one and can be remade from me!" and will his arms back into being from pure nothingness. - Pendaran

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cthulhu_of_R'lyeh View Post
    I agree with Siriel tho. Clothes beam is OP.
    True; neither Jiren nor Zamasu can handle the mighty Clothes Beam.

    Anyway, does anyone know offhand where Z Fighters came from as a term?

    Also, would we be considered M Fighters? Memory Martialist? What?
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    Z-Fighters doesn't appear in canon nor is it used by Toriyama (he usually calls them the Dragon Team or Super Warriors).

    They're referred to as Z-Senshi in five anime titles. (Starting with the Bardock special.)

    Then Funimation started throwing the term Z-Fighters around everywhere.

    Since this entire RP is clearly leading to the Tournament of Power, we're obviously Team U15.

    (Alternately, looking for a team name before the RP even starts is a bit silly.)
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    Lists of NPCs: Still Being Updated Edition

    Player Characters

    GM NPCs and Notes

    Name Age Gender Species Style Power Level Affiliation
    Aidan and Marina Stoltgard 41/32 Male/Female Human/Human(?) Hemomancy & Mystic Arts/Narrative Hell Style 1350/2 Stoltgard Family/Self
    Aiden Cromwell 30s Male Primogen (Nosferatu) Youkai Fist ~8000 Riskbreakers
    Anubis, "The Dog Who Swallows Millions" N/A N/A Tulpa (Thought-form Daemon) Dual-Technique/Command 550 Ishtar
    Ceriac 87 (but he gon) Male Saiyan Saiyan-Do (Guardian's Way) 57300 Guardians (Vocado)
    Chahan, Crane Style Grandmaster 81 Male Human Crane Style ? Crane School
    Cornelius Cohb 48 Male Human Anything Goes 675 ?
    Cyanna Tur'quoise 16 Female Chromakai ? ? Chromakai
    Dash 18 Female Human Pegasus Strike 127 Lesser Horse Clan
    Dr. Kiyomi Kudamono 30s (?) Female Android (Tsufur-jin/Tuffle) SCIENCE! ??? Riskbreakers
    Dr. Nijimoto Yoshi 53 Male Human SCIENCE! 5 Self
    Hebiko 23 (but she ded) Female Human Snake School Assassination Arts ? Snake School
    Hebito 23 (but he ded) Male Human Snake School Assassination Arts ? Snake School
    Kamesennin Kuki 111 Male Human Turtle School; Sendo (Way of the Hermit) ? Turtle School
    King Mato 39 Male Saiyan Croonkenzu 9001 Vocado
    Kuro and Sonomaru 2/16 ?/Male Abominable Genetic Experiment/Human Tenma no Ken/Kuzuriken: Sonomaru Ryuu 159/136 ?/?
    Kylie and Tamaki Cromwell 4/6 Female for both Nosferatu/Saiyan N/A for both 10/14 Self
    Lettise 54 Female Saiyan Hidden Monkey's Claw 950 Self
    Maiz 95 Female Saiyan Tosale 4100 Saiyan children
    Mirror Mage (Reimi Himizu) ? Female Human (Elevated/Planeswalker) Ninjutsu/Kagami Mahō ? Self
    Mr. and Mrs. Duck 65/63 Male/Female Human/Human None/Dino School ("Kyōryū Ryū") ? Dusk City
    Nikki Cromwell ? Female Primogen (Nosferatu) Improvised hand-to-hand 28 Self
    Nunlil Beyond Ancient Female Oni Soul Reaper 500 Self
    Obushi-Sennin 108 (but he ded) Male Human Muso Munen (Clarity) ??? Self
    Parsic and Chrona Old as Space/Time Female/Female Familiar/Familiar Spacial/Temporal Distortion 42/1024 Stoltengarde Family
    Patrol Officer P-Sta 200 Male Alien/Cyborg Galactic Judo and Wrestling ? Galaxy Police
    Pinach/Rutaba 10/8 Male/Female Both Saiyan None for either 3500/2900 Justice?
    Saradasuke 84 Male Saiyan ? ? Ishinsa/Self
    Sekhmet ? Female Khosian Blessings of Light, the Sun and Moon Complete ? Xel'Taisian Empire
    Snake Mistress of Coral Canyon 51 (but she ded) Female Human Snake School Assassination Arts ? Snake School
    Tasure 30s Female Saiyan Saiyan-Dō (Custom) 7000 Riskbreakers
    Tiger Master Kaibyo 24 (but she ded) Female Human 8 limbs of the Tiger King Style (Hakkyoku Ko-ou ken) ? Tiger School
    Tyranno-Sensei (Ogatan Zippa) 62 Female Human Dino School ("Kyōryū Ryū") ? Ogatan Clan
    Vocado 55(but he ded) Male Saiyan ? (Potentially Saiyan-Do creator) ? (100~250K, up to 900K base) Vocado
    "Master" Yakimesh Toh Magoh 79 Male Human Neo Crane School 200 Neo Crane School
    Zhu Bekon 40s (But he ded) Male Human Inoshishi-Ryū (Boar Style/School) 6750 Riskbreakers
    Zurvan, the First Aspect, "Father" ? Male Aspect ? ? Self
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    Ok, Etrina and Erosa are all set. Judge at ye leisure cleric.

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    I just realized that Yun's character's name is "charcoal charcoal".

    I think he wins.
    Yeah, but if you... man, we're getting into weird analogy territory, like if you disintegrated Superman's arms he wouldn't be able to go "fool! Little did you know that my arms and I are one and can be remade from me!" and will his arms back into being from pure nothingness. - Pendaran

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    Name: Ochazuke (お茶漬け)

    Race/Species: Human

    Age: Early 20s

    Height/Weight: 6'0"/210 lbs


    Outfit | Part 2

    Power Level: 9,000

    Style: Crane School Apostate



    Long ago there was a master who groomed five pupils for succession. As each exceeded expectations and brought different parts of the root art to new heights, the master's technique was honoured and elevated by the five. Upon the master's death, however, instead of banding together for the sake of the art, the five turned against each other and quarreled over whose techniques were the strongest and therefore the master's worthiest heir. As the five fingers of the elder master's hand split apart, five schools were establish who continue to fight and scheme against each other. Whether through might or character, saving face called for exhibitions; Cultivated rivalries led to honour duels to the death; subterfuge and underhanded murder conflated vengeance with duty.

    A pupil of Crane Master Chahan, Ochazuke is one of a new generation this blood feud expected to continue this war. The roots of the rivalry between the five schools led him to obsess over the original master, and he became fixated with recovering the mother art's original techniques. To this end he attempted to broker peace and share techniques with Kaibyo, one of the twin mistresses of the Tiger School. Before any real widespread progress could be made in blending the Tiger and Crane styles, Chahan and Ochazuke's fellow students assaulted the Tiger stronghold and all but killed him as they brought his sympathizers in the Tiger faction to ruin.

    Forced into exile by this disgrace with enemies all around, Ochazuke continues to fulfill his quest through refining his technique. His obsession compels him to move from beyond what he believes to be a "gateless barrier" against understanding of the fundamental truths of the world and where a warrior's pursuit of strength will ultimately lead. Though fate may have cast him adrift, he is still nonetheless compelled to fight, for to do nothing in a world gone mad is to live slavishly without meaning.


    1) Headband A cloth headband with a taijitu and ba gua. He claims it helps him focus his senses.
    2) Capsule: A #14 standard issue capsule. Current contents: Planetary Neural Stunner [Max Range of Cityscape] Former Contents: Cask Snowmobile / Six-Star Dragonball / The Scrolls of Zxu'ro
    3) Neural Stunner x2: A pair of Neural Stunner pistols acquired on the Slave Merchant Asteroid. Junjo technology.


    1) Mumonkan (無門関 "Gateless Barrier"): The pursuit of Esoteric mystic power - more a philosophical practice made manifest through martial arts - which is Ochazuke's ultimate goal. He seeks to cultivate his senses through martial practice to see the truth of the world and find an individualized path to live on untethered to limitations. This practice manifests in the development of his techniques for Battle Meditation and Senshin Techniques.

    2) Kikojutsu ((気功術 "Energy Control Technique"): The foundational energy practice for a set of Crane School forbidden techniques. Where conventional ki energy techniques draw from a surplus reserve cultivated from martial practice and can be intuitively grasped as an extension of physicality, Kikojutsu draws from a deeper power which governs the conscious will over the body, the fundamental life force that forms consciousness to being and asserts one's ego. Feeding life force into ki energy like a bellows feeding a furnace, and used well it can cultivate great yields that exceed limitations of the mind, body and spirit. However if used hastily or in poor form it may snuff out the user's life. Thus Kikojutsu techniques require preparation time and perfect technique.

    Personality Notes

    - Ochazuke values the precise execution of intent over a pragmatic ends-justify-the-means approach.
    - In spite of his appearance, his fighting style is based on methodical outfighting and oblique footwork rather than brute force
    - Rigidly blunt and honest, he rarely minces words. He no longer has much respect for ritualized formalities or good graces without merit.
    - He feels compelled to act righteously in the stead of those who have no power, but otherwise remains rather aloof.
    - Though not a complete stranger to city life, he prefers to live on the fringe of society. Therefore his knowledge of technology and current events - outside of the martial arts world - is profoundly stunted.

    Supplemental Information
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