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    Quote Originally Posted by Vegeta View Post
    I like it. I know it's cheesy but a "world without love" never really feels like a world worth fighting for, and the best way to exemplify that in a 1-2 hour film is with a love interest for the lead character. Close friends or parental figures can sometimes work in that same capacity but it's rare. (And if the friend is part of the hero squad then they are usually cannon fodder for the purpose of hero angst) Movies and shows where it is just about completing "the mission" bore me. A "job well done" pat on the back before they are sent off on another mission just isn't as rewarding as a romantic kiss, imo.
    It makes them seem more human than just a character in a video game. I'm sure there are people that would prefer watching a 2 hour video game of characters punching each other and smashing cars and buildings.
    But for me if I can't relate to a character it gets pretty boring.

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    There don't need to be. Just look at the success of the Avengers. Beyond the forced Widow-Banner stuff, it's been mainly relationship-free.

    But TV is another matter, they mainly do it cause super-hero TV shows have a faithful female audience and they are attracted to this stuff. It's the old Smallville WB style. There's a lot of reaction videos on You Tube with plenty of women that enjoy this stuff, especially the DC shows and Teen Wolf, etc...

    I think relationships often humanizes male characters. Intead of just being men of war, they show another side of their conflicts. Imagine in Got if Jaime didn't have Brienne, he would not have been such a beloved character.
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