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    Default Image Solicitations for March 2018

    Usually someone else makes these and I just post what I'm getting, but I couldn't find a thread, so... yeah. Here ya go:

    GIDEON FALLS #1 - Been on a huge Lemire kick as of late, and I want to read something he's written, monthly from the beginning.
    OBLIVION SONG BY KIRKMAN & DE FELICI #1 - This will probably replace The Realm for me. And hopefully it doesn't meander as much as Outcast did before I dropped it.
    EXTREMITY #12 - Oh hey, series finale. Huh. This series definitely feels like it wasn't meant to go on for longer, and I'd be worried about the writing if it did, since the characters have clear trajectories, as does the story.
    SNOTGIRL #10
    VS #2 - Gets an arc.

    BIRTHRIGHT, VOL. 6 TP - Still super behind on getting these trades.

    DRY COUNTY #1 - Sounds kinda generic, but using a Gen Xer rather than some hardboiled detective is nice, and visually it should be interesting.
    INFIDEL #1 (OF 5) - Sounds interesting, but I might trade-wait it.
    PRISM STALKER #1 - Sounds kinda vague and generic, but I might give it a chance.
    ELSEWHERE #5 - Might drop this series. It's just not gripping me as much as I wanted.
    GOD COMPLEX #6 - This series ies... man, I want to like it, and the designs are cool. But it has so many problems.
    SLEEPLESS #4 - Crap, forgot to pick up the first issue.

    COYOTES, VOL. 1 TP - Depending on how the first arc ends. Also, wow, shorter than I thought it was going to be.
    PORT OF EARTH, VOL. 1 TP - ^
    BLACK SCIENCE PREMIERE, VOL. 1: REMASTERED EDITION HC - The "remastered" made me think, like, the colouring changed or something. But yeah, still need to give this series go. Or another one? Can't remember if I've read some of it before.

    Random thoughts:

    I'm trade-waiting Saga (and am like a trade behind), but I'm surprised Hazel is still a toddler.

    Is Outcast ending? The arc title and the solicitation makes it seem like it is. I guess it wasn't the big hit many people expected.
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    Trade-waiting: Animosity, Black Panther, Daredevil, Deathstroke, Old Man Logan, Relay, Saga, Skyward, Snotgirl, Super Sons

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    No new titles from me in March....

    Black Magick #11
    Curse Words #12
    Deadly Class #32
    East of West #38
    Elsewhere #5
    Extremity #12
    I Hate Fairyland #17
    Kill or Be Killed #17
    Manifest Destiny #35
    Monstress #15
    No 1 With a Bullet #5
    Saga #50
    Scales and Scoundrels #7
    Vs #2
    The Walking Dead #177
    The Wicked + The Divine #34

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    Gideon Falls 1 (Love Sorrentino)
    Oblivion Song 1
    Cyber Force 1 (I'm a sucker for multiple Cyber Force reboots)
    Deadly Class 32
    Saga 50
    Wicked + Divine 34
    Black Magick 11
    Descender 28
    East of West 38
    Eternal Empire 8
    Extremity 12
    Kill or Be Killed 17
    Monstress 15
    Moonshine 8
    Outcast 35
    Redneck 11
    Regression 8
    Rose 9
    Sex Criminals 23
    Witchblade 4


    Elsewhere 5 (read the first issue but haven't gotten around to following up)
    God Complex 6
    Dissonance 3
    Hack/Slash Resurrection 6
    Hit Girl 2
    Kick Ass 2
    image Birthright, Black Magick, Black Monday Murders, Black Science, Copperhead, Deadly Class, Descender, Dying and the Dead, East of West, Elsewhere, Eternal Empire, The Fix, Gideon Falls, Kill or Be Killed, Lazarus, Low, Monstress, Outcast, Paper Girls, Postal, Redneck, Regression, Rose, Saga, Seven to Eternity, Sex Criminals, Southern Bastards, Southern Cross, They're Not Like Us, Wayward, Wicked + Divine, Witchblade Zenescope Robyn Hood: The Curse

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    Sorry I usually put these up but Image is pretty incognito lately when announcing these plus the time of year's been busy so.. thanks for posting!

    Deadly Class #32
    Descender #28
    East of West #38
    Kill or Be Killed #17
    'Till the end of the line.

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    Daniel Warren Johnson mentioned on Twitter that Extremity was intended to end at issue 12.

    Trying out:
    Infidel #1
    Prism Stalker #1
    Days of Hate #3
    Dark Fang #5
    Evolution #5
    Paradiso #4

    Old favorites:
    Deadly Class #32
    Saga #50
    WicDiv #34
    Black Magick #11
    Descender #28
    Extremity #12
    Grave Diggers Union #5
    Motor Crush #11
    No. 1 With a Bullet #5
    Redneck #11

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    Prism Stalker sounds pretty cool, Sloane Leong is a major talent; did some cool work for Adventure Time for those of you into cartoons, as well as From Under Mountains (still hoping that'll get another arc...)

    Quote Originally Posted by Fuzzy Barbarian View Post
    Random thoughts:

    I'm trade-waiting Saga (and am like a trade behind), but I'm surprised Hazel is still a toddler.
    Yeah initially Saga was moving at a much faster pace, but I guess since it's been such a success they decided to add another arc or 2 before they made another time jump. So it can feel a bit out of balance in that regard, but then again Hazel is a delight currently. It'd be fun to see her be a mopey teenager maybe, but I guess that would wear thin quicker.

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    ==For March...
    Days of Hate 3
    Dry Country 1
    Kill or Be Killed 17
    Mage 7
    Slots 6
    Stray Bullets 34
    ==Image gets a full third of my preorder titles for April--
    Analog 1
    Days of Hate 4
    Dry Country 2
    Kill or Be Killed 18
    Mage 8
    Lazarus 27
    Stray Bullets 35
    Age/Bronze, Age/Reptiles, Alex&Ada, Anne Bonnie, Astro City, Bone, Briggs Land, Cerebus, Criminal, Courtney Crumrin, Eleanor & the Egret, Fables, Fatale, Fell, Grass Kings, Green Valley, Goon, Gotham Midnight, Groo, Hellboy, Hillbilly, Incognegro, Jack Staff, JL8, Jonah Hex, Kane, Lazarus, Little Nemo, Lone Wolf, Next Wave, Popeye, Powers, Princess Ugg, Resident Alien, SiP, Squirrel Girl, Stray Bullets, 10G, Thief of Thieves, Tuki, Usagi, Velvet

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