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    Default 1000 books in 2018

    Another new year, another new thread but the same old challenge!

    The goal, just like in the previous 3 years (damn, we are doing this for 3 years?), is to read at least a 1000 comic book issues in 365 days, starting today!

    Keep us updated of your progress and if you fancy write a few lines about what you've read, what you liked and disliked, just to keep things interesting and informative (even if you just pick your favourite and least favourite of your batch).

    Usually a 22 pages comic counts as one issue, in case of other formats just divide it with 22. If you feel like your 48 pages long French album is really wordy and takes just as long to read as a 120pg american tpb then feel free to count it as 3 or even 5 issues, nobody gonna shout at you, it's all for fun.

    Happy reading folks!

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    As I commented on the 2017 thread before it closed for this one, this was my first full year of reading comics and collecting after starting back collecting mid 2016, mainly Omnis and HC’s.
    I knew i couldn’t do 1000 issues, like many of you here, because of mainly running our business, but instead I wanted to track what I could do. It was only 117 issues.
    But, a girl can dream for a bunch of free time for 1000 issues!
    (Personally seeking to double 2017’s number)
    Reliving my second childhood.... Making my TPB's take a back seat.....I'm now a new DC Omnibus and Hard Bound Book Collector: Batman: The Golden Age Omni V1 / Legends of the Dark Knight: Jim Aparo Vol. 2 / Gotham Central Omni / Justice League of America Silver Age Omni's V1 & V2 / Superman: The Golden Age Omni V1/ Green Lantern Omni V1
    with many more purchases soon to come.....

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    2016: 1182
    2017: 1058

    Loki: Journey into Mystery Omni 22 issues (1st 10 in 2017)
    I Hate Fairyland Deluxe 10 issues
    Punisher by Ennis Omni 45 issues
    The Avengers by Byrne Omni 37 issues
    The Vision OHC 12 issues
    Black Science Deluxe 1 16 issues
    Black Science Deluxe 2 14 issues
    Fantastic Four by Waid OHC 1 14 issues
    Fantastic Four by Waid OHC 2 11 issues
    Fantastic Four by Waid OHC 3 11 issues
    Iron Fist MMW 1 13 issues
    Iron Fist MMW 2 15 issues
    Black Panther MMW 1 18 issues
    Black Panther MMW 2 18 issues
    Casa Nostra 5 issues (105 pages)
    Howard the Duck Omnibus 40 issues
    Marvel Two-in-One MMW 1 12 issues
    Marvel Two-in-One MMW 2 13 issues
    Marvel Two-in-One MMW 3 16 issues
    Shadowland Omnibus 43 issues
    Dungeon Zenith: Duck Heart 4 issues
    SA Captain America Omnibus Vol 2 35 issues
    SA Avengers Omnibus Vol 2 31 issues
    SA Avengers Omnibus Vol 3 32 issues
    Complete Neat Stuff 15 issues
    LegionQuest OHC 17 issues
    The Defenders MMW 6 16 issues
    Punisher Max Ennis Omni Vol 1 34 issues
    Punisher Max Ennis Omni Vol 2 38 issues
    Moon Knight by Bendis OHC 12 issues
    Moon Knight by Lemire OHC 14 issues
    X-23 Chaos Theory PHC 7 issues
    Avengers Endless Wartime OGN 5 issues (110 pages)
    Fantastic Four by Fraction Omni 33 issues
    The Private Eye 12 issues (264 pages)
    Thor: Heroes Return Omni Vol 1 43 issues
    The Walking Dead Deluxe 15 12 issues
    Mr. Wormwood Goes to Wahington HC 4 issues
    Killraven MMW 24 issues
    Thor: Heroes Return Omni Vol 2 54 issues
    Locke & Key Master Edition 1 12 issues
    S.H.I.E.L.D: Architects of Forever OHC 6 issues
    S.H.I.E.L.D: The Human Machine OHC 6 issues
    Punisher: Back to the War Omni 25 issues
    Spider-Man by McFarlane Omni 16 issues
    Harrow County LE 1 8 issues
    Captain America by Waid Omni 50 issues
    Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man MMW 1 14 issues
    Locke & Key Master Edition 2 12 issues
    Locke & Key Master Edition 3 13 issues
    Yellow, Blue, Gray, White OHC 24 issues
    1000 reached on 12/16
    The End League LE 9 issues
    Mort Cinder 10 issues (220 pages)
    Everybody is Stupid Except for Me 7 issues (146 pages)
    My Heroes Have Always Been Junkies 3 issues (66 pages)
    Ms. Marvel MMW 1 14 issues
    Ms. Marvel MMW 2 14 issues

    Total: 1070

    The High Druid's Blade 303 pgs
    The Darkling Child 299 pgs
    The Sorcerer's Daughter 331 pgs
    The Man in the High Castle 274 pgs
    Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? 230 pgs
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    2015: 1203
    2016: 1456
    2017: 1148

    *I'd forgotten about those old threads. Fun to read some of my comments back then compared to how i feel now about the material

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    I've only done it once so

    2017: 1050
    We need better comics

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    I've always stopped counting after a 1000 but I think I've finished a bit later every year, first year July then August and now maybe September? Although last year I got back to doing more creative stuff so I don't mind if I do more of that instead of just reading.

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    This will be my second year reading comics and the first i keep track of what i read, looking forward to it

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    This will also be my second year participating in this challenge, although im already off to a bad start as this time last year I had already read a lot , while today, so far ive read absolutely nothing. As I mentioned in the other thread ...personal issues lol. ANyhoo im looking forward to reading even more comics this year ...Happy New Year Everybody and Happy Reading! Thank You Balakin for this Thread!!!

    2017: 1176
    2018 so far : 0
    And then there were none...

    Custom Binding Thread: http://community.comicbookresources....0645aadbab2369

    The All Purpose Metal Thread : http://community.comicbookresources....5299bbaefeffe8

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    At first the best wishes for everybody!

    I'll try to keep up score this year.

    Today: Tomb Raider Archives 3 #35-50

    Total 2018: 16

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    I participated the last two years.

    2017 Total: 1,817 Issues, 55 Graphic Novels
    2016 Total: 2,157 + Issues

    My goal for 2018 is to read 2018 issues, with some sub-challenges: 100 comics from each decade (with the 40s and before counting as one decade) and 100 comics by five writers. I do also think it would be useful to read some scripts.

    This year I'm counting graphic novels and golden age comics in terms of 20-22 pages equaling one issue.
    Thomas Mets

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    Hello everyone! This is my first post ever on this board. I've been reading CBR forever(I loved the old format). I recently joined the community specifically to contribute to this thread! I first saw it a couple months ago and thought that it looked like amazing fun. I can't wait to see what everyone is reading this year. I'm sure I'll be introduced to some great comics. Good luck everyone! Let's all read 1000!

    Starting off the New Year with some recent Spidey.
    1. Amazing Spiderman 792
    2. Peter Parker- Spectacular Spiderman 297
    3. Peter Parker- Spectacular Spiderman 298

    Total 2016: 3! Only 997 to go!

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    My goal this year is 1500 comics and 30 books, the latter is perhaps a little ambitious. I'm also keen to see how my reading over the year varies with regards to publishers etc... This will be my template for recording such things.

    Comics -

    Boom Comics -

    DC -

    Dynamite -

    Image -

    Marvel -

    Titan Comics -

    Vertigo -

    Books -

    Fiction -

    Non-Fiction -
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    Will be using this post as my master list and editing it like crazy.

    WEEKLY GOAL: 21 issues
    MONTHLY GOAL: 84 issues

    Jan Total:
    Feb Total:
    Mar Total:
    Apr Total:
    May Total:
    Jun Total:
    Jul Total:
    Aug Total:
    Sep Total:
    Oct Total:
    Nov Total:
    Dec Total:

    00 -G v1

    0 Comics Total
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    I'm in!

    2017: 2017 comics
    2018: 35 comics, so far (which would put me on a pace to read 6388 issues this year, if I kept it up)

    One of my big goals this year is to read more books from more publishers. Last year I got to 25. I'd like to break 40 this year.

    I have amassed a pretty nifty Google Sheet for tracking my reading. I've piloted giving some other folks copies. Is this a thing many folks here would be interested in using?
    Do you read comics in TPBs, HCs, and omnibuses - or are just not sure where to start? Check out my definitive guides to DC (including Rebirth!), Valiant Comics, and Marvel - including every X-Men and Avengers team and each Marvel Event.

    You'll find definitive reading guides including every issue of every major Marvel hero and team, like Black Panther, Captain America, Captain/Ms. Marvel, Daredevil, Deadpool, Spider-Man, & and more!

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    I'd be interested in that Krisis!
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