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    Batman 66 omnibus: (22 issues) Enjoyed it until the final story, as the tonal shift was quite jarring.
    Daytripper: (9 issues) I thought it was a really good read, though not as amazing as I'd been led to believe.
    52 TP 1-2: (52 issues) After reading John's JLA run and now this, I've really grown to enjoy the character of Black Adam.
    Southern Bastards Deluxe 1: (8 issues) Loved it, will definitely pick up the second volume when it's released.
    Batman: Night of the Monster Men TP: (6 issues) I'm collecting Rebirth titles in TP so had to wait a while for this. Pretty forgettable TBH.
    Batman Arkham omnibus: (58 issues) I'm a massive fan of the games but knew this probably wasn't going to be great. Was actually pleasantly suprised as the second half was written by Tomasi and I found it enjoyable. The first half was a bit more average though.

    Total for month: 155 issues
    Total so far: 1678 issues

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    Quote Originally Posted by Balakin View Post
    I think We stand on guard is the only book from him I haven't really enjoyed. And it's not like he can't write shorter stories, the Escapists was really good (and I think he did a Hood mini as wall which I've also enjoyed).
    Have you ever read Doctor Strange:The Oath by Brian K. Vaughan and drawn by Marcos Martin?
    It´s one of the few BKV stories i have read,but it´s a great Doctor Strange limited series.

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    September update:

    Amazing Spider-Man #4-6 (3)

    - Spencer’s run continues to be enjoyable. I wasn’t in love with the ending of the first arc as a lot of the jokes fell really flat for me. However, #6 definitely sparked my interest again as it was quite funny and a lot of fun. Keen for more.

    Amazing Spider-Man Epic Collection Vol. 1 TPB (19)

    - I had such a blast reading this material. Not only is it hilariously corny, but the stories contained are surprisingly well done. Ditko’s art is fantastic and he really nails the character. I was apprehensive about the overly-verbose and compressed nature of the stories, but the writing is spectacular. Lee does great work here and manages to squeeze in great plots and great morals in the book. The characters are a lot of fun to read. It’s neat to see how so much of current Spider-Man still draws on these early issues.

    Spider-Man: Big Time Complete Collection Vol. 1 TPB (16)

    - I was tossing up between starting here or Brand New Day for modern Spider-Man after really enjoying the game, and I am happy I stated here. There’s a few mentions to what came before, but the story that starts here is tons of fun. Lots of great nods to the early Lee/Ditko issues too, which was welcome as I had just been reading the Epic Collection. The opening Big Time story was okay, but I feel that all the stories following it were sublime. My personal favourite issues here were the ones drawn by Marcos Martin. He’s able to tell so much story in just his art and layouts, and the ‘No One Dies’ arc was so good. I’ll be continuing this next month.

    Batman New 52 Vols. 1-3 TPBs (17)

    - I never liked this series on my first read through, but as more time passed, I found myself wanting to revisit Court of Owls. I’m so glad I did as I had blast reading this again. I never warmed to Snyder’s narration, but in this reread I found it to be pretty good. Snyder’s writing is quite dynamic and seems rather smart. His storytelling is quite good, and while some of the narration seemed unnecessary, you could see in other segments the meaning he was trying to create, and I’d say it worked. Capullo kills it on art, he really is a perfect fit for these stories. Snyder creates a lot of good horror/mystery vibes too that Capullo excels with. Overall, a very satisfying read. I won’t be revisiting Zero Year, but I’ll try to crack on through to Endgame.

    Doomsday Clock #7 (1)

    - Finally we’re getting somewhere! Loved this issue and am excited to see that the story is picking up.

    The Flash by Mark Waid Book 2 TPB (16)

    - What a fantastic read this was! I was mainly looking forward to the ‘Return of Barry Allen’ story, but the preceding ‘Gorilla Warfare’ arc was also superb. It was just pure 90s dumb fun, and I loved it. Quite a funny story, too. The Barry story was as good as I had hoped, definitely my favourite Flash story. Wait injects so much energy into all of the characters, and the story itself is engaging and full of good twists. I love how Wally really comes into his own. It definitely makes Barry’s Rebirth feel a little redundant. Waid and Johns have done a lot to make me a huge Wally fan.

    Heroes in Crisis #1 (1)

    - Disappointing read, and I say that as a huge Tom King fan. It felt very cheap and hyper-decompressed. I’ll read it in trade probably, but this did not do anything for me.

    Thor: God of Thunder by Aaron Book 1 OHC (11)

    - Very, very solid book. Aaron blends genres pretty well here and I love his take on this grand superhero story. There’s mystery elements, action and sci-fi, and it’s great. The story is very interesting, and using the multiple time periods as a narrative device was really clever. Gorr is a great villain, I really understood his motivations and the way his story unfolded was masterfully done. Esad Ribic is probably the best fit for Thor out there, his art has such a grandiose feel to it, as well as being epic in scope and capturing both the sci-fi and fantasy vibes. All in all, a quality Thor story.

    Monthly Total: 84 books
    Yearly Total: 610 books

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    Superman Vol.5 01-03
    Action Comics Vol.1 1001-1003
    Justice League - No Justice Vol.1 01-04
    Justice League Vol.4 01-08
    Justice League Dark Vol.02 01-03
    Avengers Vol.7 01-08
    Free Comic Book Day 2018 - Avengers
    Captain America Vol.8 01-03
    The Unexpected Vol.1 01-04
    The Sandman Universe Vol.1 01
    Detective Comics Vol.1 983-989
    The Immortal Men Vol.1 01-06
    Thor Vol.5 01-05
    Free Comic Book Day 2018 - Amazing Spider-Man
    Amazing Spider-Man Vol.5 01-06
    Asgardians of the Galaxy Vol.1 01
    Batman Vol.3 54-55
    Silver Surfer Vol.1 Annual 01
    The Dreaming Vol.2 01
    Sideways Vol.1 01-08
    Immortal Hulk Vol.1 01-06
    New Challengers Vol.1 01-05
    Titans Special Vol.1 01
    Titans Vol.3 23-26
    The Flash Vol.5 33, 52-55
    Doctor Strange Vol.4 01-05
    Black Panther Vol.7 01-04
    Suicide Squad Vol.4 26, 45-46
    Aquaman Vol.8 39-40
    Dark Days - The Forge Vol.1 01
    Dark Days - The Casting Vol.1 01
    Dark Nights - Metal Vol.1 01-05
    Batman - The Red Death Vol.1 01
    Batman - The Murder Machine Vol.1 01
    Batman - The Dawnbreaker Vol.1 01
    Batman - The Drowned Vol.1 01
    Batman - The Merciless Vol.1 01
    Batman - The Devastator Vol.1 01
    Dark Nights - The Batman Who Laughs Vol.1 01
    Teen Titans Vol.6 12, 20-22
    Nightwing Vol.4 29
    Green Arrow Vol.6 32
    Justice League Vol.3 32-33
    Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps Vol.1 32
    Batman - Lost Vol.1 01
    Hawkman - Found Vol.1 01
    Dark Knights Rising - The Wild Hunt Vol.1 01
    House of Whispers Vol.1 01
    Catwoman Vol.5 03
    Hawkman Vol.5 04
    Red Hood and the Outlaws Vol.2 26
    Fantastic Four Vol.6 02
    Supergirl Vol.6 22
    Champions Vol.2 24
    Exiles Vol.3 08
    Iceman Vol.4 01
    Amazing Spider-Man Vol.1 699.1
    Morbius - The Living Vampire Vol.2 01-09
    Silver Sable and the Wild Pack Vol.1 36
    Damage Vol.2 09
    Amazing Spider-Man Annual Vol.5 01
    Captain America Annual Vol.8 01
    Luke Cage Vol.2 02
    Return of Wolverine Vol.1 01
    Teen Titans Special Vol.1 01
    Heroes in Crisis Vol.1 01
    Justice League Odyssey Vol.1 01
    Extermination Vol.1 01
    Marvel Two-In-One Vol.2 01
    Moon Knight Vol.9 199
    Sentry Vol.3 01-04
    Punisher Vol.11 02
    Batgirl Vol.5 27
    The Silencer Vol.1 09
    The Terrifics Vol.1 01-08
    Jessica Jones Vol.2 01-03

    September - 186

    Total - 253

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    Quote Originally Posted by whiteshark View Post
    Have you ever read Doctor Strange:The Oath by Brian K. Vaughan and drawn by Marcos Martin?
    It´s one of the few BKV stories i have read,but it´s a great Doctor Strange limited series.
    oh yes how could I forget that! Loved it!
    You should check out more books from him. I know Mr'Orange said he didn't like Y the last man but that's definitely worth checking out. So is Ex machina and Runaways.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Balakin View Post
    oh yes how could I forget that! Loved it!
    You should check out more books from him. I know Mr'Orange said he didn't like Y the last man but that's definitely worth checking out. So is Ex machina and Runaways.
    Thank you for the recomendations.
    I will check those comic books eventually.

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    New Readings:

    Thor#337-382. (46)
    Avengers#682-686 (5)
    Infinity:Countdown#1 (2)
    Doctor Strange: Damnation#2,3.
    Amazing Spider-Man#797.
    New Mutants: Dead Souls#1.
    Marvel 2 in one#4.
    Weapon H #1.
    Damnation:Johny Blaze-Ghost Rider#1.

    Total for 2018 so far:956.
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    Quiet month this month as I was finishing up my internship, so things were intense of course. No comics at all for September! Shocking

    This Month

    Comics - 0

    Books - 3
    The Great Darkness
    007: Goldfinger


    Comics - 510
    January: 94
    February: 75
    March: 46
    April: 40
    May: 67
    June: 50
    July: 76
    August: 62
    September: 0 (What?!)

    Books - 34
    January: 4
    February: 2
    March: 1
    April: 2
    May: 3
    June: 2
    July: 9
    August: 8
    September: 3
    "Live a poem... or die a fool!"

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    Here are my reads for September. Slow month for me. Too much Spider-Man PS4 and Tomb Raider lol.

    Amazing Spider-Man #360 (1)
    Amazing Spider-Man Vol.5 #5-6 (2)
    Amazing Spider-Man Vol.5 Annual #1 (1)
    Analog #5 (1)
    Avengers (2018) #7-8 (2)
    Bully Wars #1 (1)
    Burnouts #1 (1)
    Captain America #3 (1)
    Champions #24 (1)
    Cosmic Ghost Rider #3 (1)
    Crowded #1 (1)
    Deadpool #4 (1)
    Die!Die!Die! #2 (1)
    Edge of Spider-Geddon #3 (1)
    Fantastic Four #2 (1)
    Farmhand #3 (1)
    Gideon Falls #6 (1)
    Heroes In Crisis #1 (1)
    Hunt for Wolverine: Adamantium Agenda #2-4 (3)
    Hunt for Wolverine: Weapon Lost #2-3 (2)
    Leviathan #2 (1)
    Old Man Hawkeye #8 (1)
    Rags #1 (1)
    Return of Wolverine #1 (1)
    Rick and Morty #41 (1)
    Super Sons #15-16 (2)
    Terminator Sector War #2 (1)
    The Immortal Hulk #5 (1)
    The Joker/Daffy Duck #1 (2)
    Ultimate Spider-Man #1-6 (7)
    Unnatural #3 (1)
    Weapon H #7 (1)
    X-23 #4 (1)

    Crowded was a bit of a letdown. Will not continue but will maybe look at the trade, or not. Really really liked Ultimate Spider-Man and Farmhand! While Die!Die!Die! was interesting but will stop reading the singles and wait for the trades. Everything else was pretty cool, and Bully Wars was fun. Like the style and was a good issue!

    TOTAL: 46

    January: 62
    February: 42
    March: 50
    April: 47
    May: 36
    June: 78
    July: 94
    August: 85
    September: 46

    Total 2018: 540

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    Well life is taking over again...hopefully I can pick up the pace and catch up again ...

    Action Comics #1003
    Astonishing X-Men (Vol. 4) (2018) # 15
    Captain America (Vol. 8) (2018) # 3
    Catwoman (Vol. 5) (2018) # 3
    Detective Comics (2016) #s 982 - 988 (7 issues)
    Domino (2018) # 5
    Doomsday Clock # 7
    Green Arrow (Vol. 7) (2016) # 's 43- 44 (2 issues)
    Supergirl (Vol. 7) (2018) # 22
    Hawkman (Vol. 5) (2018) # 4
    Immortal Hulk (2018) # 5
    Justice League (Vol. 4) (2018) #7 - 8 (2 issues)
    Superman (Vol. 5) (2018) # 3
    West Coast Avengers (Vol. 3) (2018) #
    Venom (Vol. 4) (2018) # 5

    Total issues for Sept :23

    And then there were none...

    Custom Binding Thread: http://community.comicbookresources....0645aadbab2369

    The All Purpose Metal Thread : http://community.comicbookresources....5299bbaefeffe8

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    September reading consisted of:

    Kill or Be Killed 19-20
    Black Science 37
    East of West 38
    Astonishing X-Men 7-12 (6 issues)
    The Woods Vol 7-8 (8 issues)
    The Woods 33-36 (4 issues)
    Sex Criminals 25
    Outcast 36
    Fantastic Four 1
    Deadly Class 35
    Belladonna Origins 1-6 (6 issues)
    Belladonna 1-4
    X-MEN Gold 28-30
    Aphrodite V 1
    Paper Girls 23
    Descender 30-31
    Eternal Empire 9-10
    Copperhead 19
    Lazarus 28
    Moonshine 8-11 (4 issues)
    Monstress 17
    Witchblade 6-7
    Unnatural 1
    Niobe: She is Life HC (6 issues)
    Domino 1-4
    Eclipse 9
    Tarot, Witch of the Black Rose 18-22 (5 issues)

    71 issues for a total of 606
    image Ascender, Birthright, Cyber Force, Deadly Class, Death or Glory, Die, The Fix, Gideon Falls, Lazarus, Low, Monstress, Oblivion Song, Outcast, Rat Queens, Realm, Reaver, Redneck, Saga, Seven to Eternity, Witchblade Marvel Black Cat, Fallen Angels, Marauders, X-Force, X-Men DC Catwoman, Harleen, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy, Dynamite Dejah Thoris, Zenescope Robyn Hood: Vigilante

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    Aug/Sep = 179

    Akira Vol. 5 (400 pages = 20 issues)
    Akira Vol. 6 (400 pages = 20 issues)
    Batgirl #25-26, Annual #2
    Batman #16-20, #23-24, Annual #1
    Batwoman #1-18, Rebirth
    Beyonders #1
    Border Town #1
    Catwoman #2-3
    Cloak & Dagger #1 (48 pages = 2 issues)
    Deadpool #4
    Domino #1-5
    Extermination #1-2
    Fearscape #1
    Green Arrow #43-44
    Harley Quinn #47-48
    Hawkman #1-4
    Hot Lunch Special #1
    JSA: The Golden Age (200 pages = 10 issues)
    Justice League Dark #3
    Justice League Odyssey #1
    Lady Sabre & The Pirates of the Ineffable Aether: Book 1 (150 pages = 7 issues)
    Luminae(164 pages = 8 issues)
    Maneaters #1
    The New World #2-3
    Paradiso #1-4
    Prism Stalker #1-5
    The Punisher #1
    The Sheriff of Babylon #1-12
    Skyward #4-5
    Supergirl #21-22
    Tarzan/Red Sonja #4
    Unnatural #1-2
    Void (48 pages = 2 issues)
    Volition #1
    VS #1-5
    Weapon-X #22-23
    Wonder Woman #38-50
    X-23 #3
    X-Men Red #5-7, Annual #1

    Total = 875

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    20 books so far.
    Mainly from Thor and Batman, and some from Lucifer.
    For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son Jesus Christ, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16

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    2018 Week 39

    Moriarty The Patriot 1 (208 pages, 9 issues)
    Platinum End 1-3 (208 pages each, 27 issues)
    Captain Harlock Dimension Voyage 5 (144 pages, 6 issues)

    Total for the week: 42
    Total for the year: 1166

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    2018 Week 40

    The Promised Neverland 1-3 (208 pages each, 27 issues)
    Gunnm Mars Chronicle 4 (170 pages, 8 issues)

    Total for the week: 35
    Total for the year: 1201

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