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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr`Orange View Post
    This is one of the books I am really looking forward to rereading. I'm hoping Marvel produce a giant box set of this series at some point.
    Speaking of Secret Wars, does anybody know if it has been confirmed in or out of the Hickman Avengers v2 omni?

    Quote Originally Posted by JPAR View Post
    January: 149
    February: 108

    We stand on guard deluxe (6)
    BPRD Hell on earth 1 (16)
    Rashomon: A commissioner Heigo Kobayashi case (6)
    The other side (5)
    High Crimes (7)
    Trillium deluxe (8)
    The End League Library edition (9)
    The sheriff of Babylon (12)

    Total 2018: 326
    What did you think of Sheriff of Babylon? I'm planning on picking it up whenever place my next order.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OldManBrian View Post
    What did you think of Sheriff of Babylon? I'm planning on picking it up whenever place my next order.
    I think it's very good. It's a story that gives you an insight into the craziness of the situation in Iraq and also in the rest of the region.

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    Totals for 2018
    • Comics - 215
    • Books - 7

    March's reading

    Comics - 46
    Collected - 36
    Black Hole - 12
    Batman Arkham: The Riddler - 14
    Titan JB Comic Strips 1960-66 - 10

    Single Issues - 10
    GGPR #7
    MMPR #24
    Twisted Romance #1-4
    Ice Cream Man #1
    Motor Crush #10
    JB: The Body #2
    JB: M

    Books - 1
    " HP: The Philosopher's Stone Illustrated Edition

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    March reading:

    Elephantmen 79-80
    Reborn 1-6
    X-MEN Gold 13-20 (8 issues)
    Regression 4-5
    Van Helsing vs Frankenstein 1-5
    Black 1-6
    Birthright 29-30
    Paper Girls 19-20
    Rose 5-7
    Amazing Spiderman Renew Your Vows 13-15
    Redlands 1-3
    Sex Criminals 21-22
    X-MEN Blue 13-15
    Eternal Empire 5-6
    Southern Bastards 19
    Robyn Hood The Curse 1-2
    Dr. Strange 15-20 (6 issues)
    Postal 25
    Witchblade 3
    Copperhead 18
    Rogue Salvage
    Extremity 10

    63 issues for a total of 194.

    I did sign up for Comixology Unlimited last week so I'm pretty excited about my reading numbers going up.
    image Birthright, Black Magick, Black Monday Murders, Black Science, Copperhead, Cyber Force, Deadly Class, Death or Glory, East of West, Eclipse, The Fix, Gideon Falls, Hack/Slash Resurrection, Lazarus, Low, Monstress, Oblivion Song, Outcast, Paper Girls, Redneck, Regression, Rose, Saga, Seven to Eternity, Southern Bastards, Southern Cross, Skyward, Unnatural, Wicked + Divine, Witchblade Marvel Uncanny X-Men DC Catwoman

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    Next on the list was AD: After Death, an odd choice for me as it is written by one of my favourite artists, but collaborating with one that I really do not like. However saying that as much as I didn't like any of the other books created by Lemier I do have to give him credit as the art is very expressive. It is one of the oddest situations for me, I hate the style but have to respect the craft. There is so much emotion in his work, but I just hate it. The story itself though, fantastic. So much character, so much empathy. I would place Snyder up there with Hickman and Busiek as a writer I know will produce something amazing. The story does get a little dense at times but it is so well structured. The ending is just perfect. I am looking forward to reading more creator owned stuff from Snyder and hopefully one day a full HC collection of his Batman run.

    AD: After Death books 1-3

    "week" 11 issues
    Total 161

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    So as per usual (this is one of my busier times at work) My reading has gone down and I missed last months deadline of posting what I read but did manage to record the numbers. Again I apologize for not really commenting on anything anymore. its just that I don't really have the time , its either comment or use what little free time I have to actually read lol. Nevertheless, I enjoyed most of what I read except for the Brave and the bold Batman and Wonder Woman which I was looking forward to but unfortunately was a BIG Stinker. AH well... without further ado, here is what I read for the months of February and March...

    The Flash (Vol. 5) (2016) Annual # 1 and The Flash (Vol. 5) (2016) # 39 - 42 (6 issues)

    The Silencer (2018) # 1
    All-New Wolverine (2015) #s 1 – 6, Annual 1, All-New Wolverine (2015) #s 7 – 24, Generations Wolverine & All-New Wolverine # 1, All-New Wolverine (2015) #s 25 – 30 (33 issues)
    Swamp Thing Winter Special 2018 (4 issues)
    Young Monsters in Love 2018 (4 issues)
    X-Men Red (2018) # 1- 2 (2 issues)
    X-Men Gold (2017) #s 7 – 20, X-Men Blue (2017) # s7 – 20 (28 issues)
    Sideways (2018) # 1
    Dark Knights Rising The Wild Hunt # 1
    Marvel Two-In One (2017) # 3 – 4(2 issues)
    Action Comics (2016) #s 993 – 999 (7 issues)
    Cable (1993) # 30-31, X-Man (1995) #s 14 – 15 (4 isues)
    Weapon X (Vol. 3) (2017) #s 7 - 14 (8 issues)
    Damage (2018) # 2 – 3 (2 issues)
    The Brave and The Bold: Batman and Wonder Woman (2018) # 1
    Superman (1937) Annual 11 (2 issues)
    Justice League Vol. 3 (2016) #s 23 – 31 (9 issues)
    The Terrifics (2018) # 1- 2 (2 issues)
    Doctor Strange #s 381 – 385 (5 issues)
    The Silencer (2018) # 2
    Sideways (2018) # 2
    Superwoman (2016) # 18

    Gideon Falls (2018) # 1
    Dark Knights : Metal # 6 (2 issues)
    Aquaman (Vol. 8) (2016) #s 25 – 30, Annual # 1 , 31 – 33, ( 11 issues)
    Green Arrow (Vol. 6) (2016) #s 33 – 38 and Annual 1 (8 issues)
    Doomsday Clock # 4
    Batman (Vol. 2) (2011) #s 24 -25, Detective comics (Vol. 2)(2011) # 25, Batgirl (Vol 4) (2011) # 25, Batwing (2011) # 25, Batwoman (Vol. 2) (2011) # 25, Birds of Prey (Vol. 3) (2011) # 25, Catwoman (Vol. 4) (2011) # 25, The Flash (Vol. 4) (2011) # 25, Green Arrow (Vol. 5) (2011) # 25, Green Lantern Corps (Vol. 2) (2011) # 25, Nightwing (Vol. 3) (2011) # 25, Red Hood and the Outlaws (2011) # 25 and Action Comics (Vol. 2) (2011) # 25 (14 issues)

    Total issues for the months of February and March : 171

    Total issues so far this year: 311
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    And then there were none...

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    The All Purpose Metal Thread : http://community.comicbookresources....5299bbaefeffe8

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    March Reading
    Jean Grey #1-11 (11) - This series is excellent. I'll probably be re-reading it again soon. My favorite issues are probably #2 spoilers:
    end of spoilers & #6 spoilers:
    (Ghost Jean!)
    end of spoilers
    Phoenix Ressurection: The Return of Jean Grey #1-5 (5)
    X-Men: Red #1-2 (2)
    Iron Fist Volume 1: The Trial of the Seven Masters (5) - Excellent follow-up to Brubaker's run in my opinion
    Iron Fist Volume 2: Sabretooth - Round 2 (7)
    Scooby Apocalypse Volume 1 (6) - This was excellent, really enjoyed it. Fascinating twist on one of the classic tv shows from my childhood. My favorite characters would have to be Daphne and Shaggy.
    Abbott #1 (1) - Pretty good
    Batgirl #1-13 (13) - I know many aren't feeling it, but this remains one of my favorite series from DC's Rebirth, along with Red Hood & the Outlaws. It's just a lot of fun.

    March: 50
    Total 2018: 296
    Top DC: Batman, Wonder Woman, Damian Wayne, Steph Brown, Barbara Gordon, Red Hood, Flash (Barry), & Supergirl
    Top Marvel: Jean Grey, Ms. Marvel, Wolverine, Daredevil, Miles Morales, Jessica Jones, Magneto, Rogue, Storm, & Havok
    Pulling: Champions, Daredevil, HoX, Ironheart, & PoX
    Trade-Waiting: Aquaman, Deathstroke, DC, GL, Hawkman, JL, Outsiders, Red Hood: Outlaw, Supergirl, Teen Titans, Wonder Woman, & YJ | CM, Immortal Hulk, & Miles Morales: Spider-Man | Die, Monstress, & Oblivion Song

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    Haven't updated in a while.

    Thor: Goddess of Thunder #1-8/ Annual 1/ Thors #1-4: It's a decently told series, although it does seem like it's trying a bit hard with selling the female Thor.

    2001: A Space Odyssey #1-10: Weird Kirby adaptation that does get some of the spirit of the Kubrick film, but takes it in a different direction, turning it into an anthology series about the monolith effecting change and transformation.

    Dr. Strange #80-82: Forgettable effort by Ellis and Buckingham. Has some wit.

    Nancy #146-150: Fun, clever all-ages stories.

    Terry and the Pirates Volume 1 (6 Issues Worth): This wasn't the IDW collection but an older reprint volume I found in the library. It's my intro to Milton Caniff, and a series with fun, beautifully illustrated adventure.

    Jessica Jones #13-18: Doesn't hit the heights of the original Alias, but it is a satisfying finale with an impressive challenge involving Purple Man, and a fun but meaningful standalone final issue.

    Soft City (4 Issues Worth): Impressive almost overwhelming satire of 1960s/ 1970s consumerism.

    Mobile Suit Gundam The Origin Volume 1 (6 Issues Worth): Nicely illustrated sci-fi epic.

    Elektra #7-22 (Marvel Knights): A relatively quick read by Rucka, and sometimes borderline exploitative, though it is an interesting take on what happens when an amoral killing machine loses her meaning.

    Total So Far: 181 Issues, Six from the Golden Age, Five from the 1950s, One from the 1960s, 14 from the 1970s, 12 from the 1980s, five from the 1990s, 45 from the 2000s, 84 from the 2010s

    Best of the Batch: Soft City

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    January: 149
    February: 108
    March: 69

    The wake (12)
    Django unchained (11)
    The goddamned deluxe (5)

    Total 2018: 353
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    2018 Week 13

    Daredevil Epic Collection 1 Man Without Fear (22 issues)

    Total for the week: 22
    Total for the year: 486

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    Batgirl by Miller TP v2 (13) - This was a fun series, watching Stephanie grow as a hero and being accepted by her peers. Shame the New 52 came, basically wiping all of it away. Plan on picking up the Cassandra Cain collections soon.

    Thor HC v2 (12) - Aaron's Thor reclaims its quality after a dip (imo) during the short pre-SW run. Loki is great in this.

    Action Comics: Rebirth HC v2 (18) - 18 issues Marvel. Take note. I can't figure out why these Rebirth collections aren't more popular, they're a great bargain. As expected, the Superman issues from "Reborn" were left out, but this collection managed to clear up (or a least streamline) a lot of questions the stemmed from the Rebirth initiative.

    442 + 43 = 485 fty
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    Hickman F4 55
    Epic in scope and mostly delivers but sometimes the grandiose narration felt unearned and there were a few standalone issues after the first (very good) story that were nothing but set up. When people complain about Planetary having a slow start with the standalone issues at the beginning I would just like to point at this and then guide them back to Planetary to see how you can do a good one shot with decompressed writing. But over all it was a great run and I enjoyed it a lot.
    Midnight nation 12
    I know it is quite a beloved book but for me it just did not work at all. Narration, mythology, twists, art style (good art just doesn't fit the book), character designs...nothing. Biggest disappointment for a long time.
    Jerome K. Jerome Bloche 1 2
    fun, quick adventure romp but the main character is a bit unlikable but that's kinda okay with a wannabe detective protagonist who thinks he is clever but just stumbles upon clues. French comics always have that sort of "end then...end then..." feeling to me, as if they were making up the story on the go and that sort of detracts from my enjoyment but I think this was still a good read and I'm looking forward to the 2nd volume.
    Rick and Morty book 1 10
    Captures the tone and the voices of the series and they are really good for R&M withdrawal symptoms Didn't care for the bonus stories though.
    Giant days Not on the test edition v2 8
    Still a nice, light hearted slice of life series. The cartoony art helps a lot to sell the tone and I enjoy every panel of it. Although I didn't really like the inclusion of the early stories at the end of both v1 and v2. They are just not up to the standards of the series. But can't wait for v3!

    That's: 87 issues
    Total: 334

    Favorite of the batch: Giant days

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    New Reading:

    Amazing Spider-Man (Vol.4)#29-32.(4)
    Amazing Spider-Man-789-791,795(4)
    X-Men Blue#4,16-20.(6)
    X-Men Gold#4.
    Jean Grey#3.
    Old Man LoganMan#8-10(3)
    Peter Parker:The Spectacular Spider-Man(2017)#1-6(6)

    Best:Amazing Spider-Man.

    Total for 2018:250.

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    Mar = 108

    Bettie Paige #1-2
    Black Eyed Kids #1-15
    Coyotes #1-2
    Deadly Class #12-21
    Dread Gods #1-3
    Dry County #1
    East of West #20-24
    Eugenic #1-3
    Evolution #1-3
    Gideon Falls #1
    Green Hornet #1
    Injection #1-5
    John Carter: The End #1-5
    Kill or be Killed #5-10
    Lazarus #22-26
    Moonshine #1-6
    Oblivion Song #1
    Prism Stalker #1
    Saga #19-24
    Sex Criminals #1-5
    Skyborne #1-5
    Southern Bastards #9-14
    VS #2
    The Wicked + The Divine #1-11

    Total = 267

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    A Silent Voice vol. 1-7 56 issues
    Blame! Master Edition vol. 1-6 91 issues
    Wolverine Origin II HC 5 issues
    Wolverine: Sabretooth HC 4 issues

    Total: 156 issues

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