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    167. infinity war 5
    168. infinity war 6
    169. Doctor Strange (2018) 1
    170. Doctor Strange (2018) 2- Glad i picked up both issues at the same time. I really don't like Waid's narration- "the magician went to speak to the iron man"-gross. But I dig the plot a lot.

    171. Cloak and Dagger (1985) 1- I reallly like Leonardi's artwork. On one hand I like that these characters mostly fight against normal creeps and crooks- but Cloak and Dagger are SO powerful that I wish someone would've delevoped a real rogue's gallery for them.

    172. Amazing Fantasy 15
    173. Amazing Spiderman 1(vol 1)- revisiting the Ditko Era.
    174. Aquaman- Time and Tide 1
    175. Aquaman- Time and Tide 2
    176 Aquaman- Time and Tide 3
    177 Aquaman Time and Tide 4- The Aquaman I've read the most is the New 52 version. This early peter david miniseries is really weird. I can't imagine much of it is concidered continuity. Aquaman is litterally raised by dolphins. There's a scene of Baby Aquaman suckling momma dolphin's teet. I hope we get to see that scene in the movie!
    178. Aquaman (1994) 1
    179. Aquaman (1994) 2 This is some of the weirdest Peter David writing I've read. Interested to see where it goes(but it's kind of like watching a trainwreck- a very 90's trainwreck).

    That's 179 down- 821 to go. Still need to average about 5 books a day to make it to 1000.

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    Fables HC v10 (~15) - This volume included the Great Fables crossover and the Werewolves of the Heartland GN. GFC was way too long and not really that interesting. WotH utilized an interesting retcon from a story told earlier in the main series, but overall this volume was a step down in quality from the previous (and the Jack volumes as well)

    Batman by Morrison Omni (23) - This was a bit more up and down than i was expecting. I enjoyed it for the most part (especially the way RIP brought everything to a head), but a couple of arcs i found just meh. And having been exposed to Damian before reading this, his characterization was a bit jarring initially (maybe his personality is refined more in B&R?). I left out the last 2 issues as I'll start Final Crisis soon and read them there.

    Gotham City Sirens Omni (27) - I thought this was a good premise that ultimately wasn't take advantage of. I liked the idea of the 3 together, but the stories were average at best.

    962 + 65 = 1023 fty
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    2018 Week 29

    Wolverine from MCP 38-47 (3 issues)
    Punisher V2 26-40 (15 issues)
    Corto Maltese 2 Sous le signe du Capricorne (152 pages, 7 issues)

    Total for the week: 25
    Total for the year: 962

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    This month is going to be so heavily weighted towards books for me instead of comics
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    January: 149
    February: 108
    March: 69
    April: 111
    May/June: 179

    JSA omnibus 2 (55)
    JSA omnibus 3 (47)
    Wrath of the eternal warrior deluxe (15)

    Total 2018: 733

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    2018 Week 30

    X-Factor 71-83, Annual 8 (17 issues)

    Total for the week: 17
    Total for the year: 979

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    January: 149
    February: 108
    March: 69
    April: 111
    May/June: 179

    JSA omnibus 2 (55)
    JSA omnibus 3 (47)
    Wrath of the eternal warrior deluxe (15)
    Runaways omnibus (43)
    Invincible ultimate collection 12 (12)

    Total 2018: 788
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    Wonder Woman by Perez omnibus 3: (25 issues) Started really well, but I didn't care for the War of Gods crossover.
    Miles Morales Omnibus: (50 issues) Similarly started well, but really petered out towards the end. Had a couple of plot twists that seemed so underdeveloped I actually googled them to see if they were explained somewhere else (they weren't!)
    Ex Machina Omnibus: (54 issues) A great read for the most part, but (like other people mentioned on a different thread) I found the epilogue jarring.
    JSA Omnibus 1: (46 issues) After hearing great things I wasn't overly impressed to begin with, it's improving now I've reached the Geoff Johns part.

    Total for month: 175 issues
    Total so far: 1214 issues
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    Still way off target for comics, I will probably hit my book target by the end of August...

    Comics - 448
    January: 94
    February: 75
    March: 46
    April: 40
    May: 67
    June: 50
    July: 76

    Books - 23
    January: 4
    February: 2
    March: 1
    April: 2
    May: 3
    June: 2
    July: 9

    This Month
    Comics - 76
    GJ Green Lantern Omnibus Vol 2
    GJ Green Lantern Omnibus Vol 3

    Books - 9
    Diablo: The Veiled Prophet
    Doctor Who and the Visitation
    Doctor Who: The Myth Makers
    I Did it For Us
    Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine
    Kyralia Series: The Magiciansí Guild
    Kyralia Series: The Novice
    Kyralia Series: The High Lord
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    180. Peter Parker 307
    181. Amazing Spiderman 2
    182. Hawkman 2 - I like how this series fully embraces the Hawkman's reincarnation apsects and doubles down on the possibility that his soul has traveled though time and space.
    183. Saga 54- These last few issues have been emotionally draining. It's crazy that we won't get the next issue for about a year
    184. The Sentry 2
    185. Doomsday Clock 6
    186. Doctor Strange 3
    187. Avengers 5
    188. The Flash 51
    189. Marvel Two in One 8
    190. Aquaman (1994) 0
    191. Aquaman (1994) 3
    192. Aquaman (1994) 4
    193. Aquaman (1994) 5
    194. Aquaman (1994) 6
    195. Aquaman (1994) 7
    196. Aquaman (1994) 8- I definitely warmed up to this series and version of Aquaman. As dumb as the idea is, I kind of love his dolphin family. There is a really cool campiness to this series that gives it a unique tone. I want to see more.
    197. Invincible Iron Man 1 (2015)
    198. Invincible Iron Man 2 (2015)
    199. Invincible Iron Man 3 (2015)- I became interested in Post-Secret Wars Doom while reading Marvel Two in One. I checked out Infamous Iron Man (The first 11 issues are great before one of the lamest endings I've read in years). Now I'm digging into where NU-Doom started and it's been a fun read so far.

    So 199 down 801 to go!

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    July update:

    Batman: Hush TPB (12)

    - A decent enough story that seemed a lot like a celebration of the Batman mythos. It was fun seeing so many Bat-characters in the one book, but overall, the story was a little too formulaic/predictable and I don’t feel that the characters and their motivations were fleshed out properly. Very nice art from Lee, and I also really enjoyed the little “Who He Is and How He Came To Be” three-page story at the start.

    Batman: Year One TPB (4)

    - A classic book. Solid read. I’ve seen the origin retold and referenced so often nowadays that it likely lost some of its impact, but it was still fun to go back and give this a read. Glad to have read it.

    Doomsday Clock #6 (1)

    - This issue slowed the pace down a bit after it picked up last issue, The book is coming out too slowly to be moving along at such a slow pace, but I am still excited to see where this goes. Frank’s art is top notch.

    The Flash by Geoff Johns Books 4 & 5 TPBs (27)

    - Johns concludes his Flash saga in an excellent way. While I feel the run may have peaked early on, this was still a very satisfying conclusion. I liked how Johns brought back a lot of older elements and tied everything together. Johns absolutely excels with villains here, and everyone felt so well developed and realised. Everyone’s arc finished off nicely, too, which can be rare for big-two books. The ending really cemented the whole “The Flash is not about tragedy” point, which I really liked. In these later volumes, Johns also gave Wally a bit more depth, something I feel was lacking a little earlier on. This is just a really fun read: something you don’t have to focus on too hard but still really enjoy. Great work from everyone involved.

    Green Arrow by Jeff Lemire & Andrea Sorrentino OHC (21)

    - Absolutely fantastic stories by a stellar creative team. The tone, the writing, the art, everything was exceptional. Filled with engaging characters, original and interesting plots as well as shocking plot twists, this book has it all. A few moments in here genuinely shocked me (in a good way), which I don’t say all that much. Everything felt earned, and I throughly enjoyed reading through each of the characters’ respective journeys. Sorrentino’s work is off the charts here.

    Invincible Ultimate Collection Books 1-3 OHC (38)

    - Really solid start to the series. It definitely took a few issues to get going, but then it picked up majorly. It seems a bit similar to Johns’ Flash at times in that it’s just a lighthearted, fun superhero story, but it’s able to balance this with large-scale storytelling that just works. The big plots connect in really cool ways and I am excited to keep reading. Ottley’s killing it on art.

    Kingdom Come TPB (4)

    - This is one that I plan on rereading a few times as I definitely felt it got better the more I read. Ross on interiors is amazing to see, and the pairing of his great art with Waid’s writing really works. Some fantastic moments in here. Definitely felt like reading some Shazam and Superman stories after this one. It was solidly self-contained, which meant that it delivered a fantastic climax. The final battle and the aftermath were fantastic sequences.

    Monthly Total: 107 books
    Yearly Total: 465 books

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    July reading:

    Faith Vol 1-3 (12 issues)
    Eternal Empire 8
    Gideon Falls 3
    Descender 29-30
    Black Magick 11
    Elephantmen 2261: The Death of Shorty 1
    Port of Earth 5
    Oblivion Song 2-3
    Monstress 16
    All New Wolverine 31-35 (5 issues)
    Adventures of Little Lorna 1
    Red Sonja Vol 3 (1-6)
    Amazing Spiderman Renew Your Vows 16-18
    Lazarus X + 66 4-6
    Patriotika 1-2
    Rogue and Gambit 1-5
    Rose 11
    Saga 53-54
    Sacred Creatures 1-3 (5 issues)

    55 issues for a total of 482.
    image Ascender, Birthright, Cyber Force, Deadly Class, Death or Glory, Die, The Fix, Gideon Falls, Lazarus, Low, Monstress, Oblivion Song, Outcast, Rat Queens, Realm, Reaver, Redneck, Saga, Seven to Eternity, Witchblade Marvel Black Cat, Fallen Angels, Marauders, X-Force, X-Men DC Catwoman, Harleen, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy, Dynamite Dejah Thoris, Zenescope Robyn Hood: Vigilante

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    January: 149
    February: 108
    March: 69
    April: 111
    May/June: 179
    July: 172

    Green Lantern omnibus 1 (45)
    Punk Rock Jesus deluxe (6)
    Letter 44 deluxe 1 (12) I didn't like this. The art is not that good and the story didn't do it for me.
    Ennis' Marvel Knights Punisher omnibus (47)

    Total 2018: 898
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    Incredible Hulk #127-130. 4 issues
    Captain America #125-133. 9 issues
    Thor #173-174. 2 issues
    Silver Surfer #13-15. 3 issues
    Captain Marvel #20-21. 2 issues
    Avengers #78-82. 5 issues
    Fantastic Four #95-98. 4 issues
    Amazing spider man #83-87. 5 issues
    Iron man #24-26. 3 issues

    What if? #33. 1 issue

    IDW TMNT #7-24. 18 issues
    IDW TMNT MICRO SERIES #4-8. 4 issues
    TMNT ANNUAL 2012. 2 issues
    TMNT Villain micro series #1-5. 5 issues
    Secret history of the foot clan #1-4. 4 issues

    Scrooge and the mystery of the sunken ship. 1 issue

    Mickey riding the rails. 1 issue

    Ka-Zar (1997) #1. 1 issue

    The world of Edena. Page 50. 2 issues

    Quasar classic vol. 1. Page 120. 5 issues

    New total: 353

    I'm still focusing on Travis Starnes Complete Marvel Reading Order. I'm almost out of the silver age. All of these stories are fairly weak except for Spider-Man. Around this time Marvel switched over to the idea that you didn't want a story carrying over to multiple issues. It definitely hurt every title that stuck to this. Everything feels rushed.

    Avengers, Incredible Hulk, Spider-Man, And Iron-Man were my favorite out of this bunch. Avengers has The Zodiac taking over New York and the Black Panther and Daredevil team up. That was a great pairing.

    The Iron-Man issues are the early appearances of Madame Masque and the relationship between her, tony, and Jasper Sitwell. The villains in these issues are pretty dull but the interactions between those three keep it interesting.

    Incredible Hulk sees Banner physically separated from the Hulk. From this old stuff to when it happens with Greg Pak, I love seeing how Banner acts when he doesn't have to worry about turning into the Hulk. Marvel has always done a good job of making there three smart guys (tony, bruce, reed) feel very different from each other.

    I also started a long put off reread of IDW's TMNT reboot. This is one of my favorites, but i have to admit i enjoyed it ever so slightly less than the first time around. I don't plan on selling any of it and I could see myself reading it a third and fourth time. I have stopped buying the individual issues though. Getting small amounts of information months at a time just doesn't work (for me) for this series. I don't plan on reading any of the new trades until I catch up.

    Quasar Classic Vol. 1: My favorite thing about Marvel is its cosmic side. I was able to get a copy of this through my local library. I'm glad i did. I won't be buying this volume. I don't hate it, but its disjointed and dull so far. Two of the first three issues (and the two partial segments) take place on Earth. Hopefully issues 5-9 get more cosmic in scale.
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    Here are my reads for July. Record month for me and lots of great reads!

    All-New Wolverine #31-35 (5)
    Amazing Spider-Man Vol.5 #1-2 (3)
    Analog #4 (1)
    Avengers (1998) #500-503 (4)
    Avengers (1998) #Finale (1)
    Avengers (2013) #15-19 (Hickman Avengers Omnibus) (5)
    Avengers (2018) #4 (1)
    Batman (2016) #50 (2)
    Batman and Robin (Morrison) #10 (1)
    Bone Parish #1 (1)
    Captain America (2018) #1 (1)
    Cosmic Ghost Rider #1 (1)
    Death of Wolverine #1-4 (4)
    DoW: The Weapon X Program #1-5 (5)
    DoW: The Logan Legacy #1-7 (7)
    DoW: Deadpool & Captain America #1 (1)
    Deadpool #2 (1)
    Die!Die!Die! #1 (1)
    Farmhand #1 (1)
    Gideon Falls #5 (1)
    I Hate Fairyland #20 (1)
    Infinity #1-2 (Hickman Avengers Omnibus) (4)
    Ms. Marvel (2014) #1-6 (6)
    New Avengers (2013) #8-10 (Hickman Avengers Omnibus) (3)
    Old Man Hawkeye #4-7 (4)
    Outpost Zero #1 (1)
    Preacher #1 (2)
    She Could Fly #1 (1)
    The Immortal Hulk #2 (1)
    The Weatherman #2 (1)
    Tony Stark Iron Man #2 (1)
    Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #1-16 (16)
    Unnatural #1 (1)
    Venom (2018) #3-4 (2)
    Weapon H #4 (1)
    X-23 #1-2 (2)

    Total July: 94

    January: 62
    February: 42
    March: 50
    April: 47
    May: 36
    June: 78
    July: 94

    Total 2018: 409
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