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  • Birthright #29

    1 20.00%
  • Crosswind #6

    1 20.00%
  • Extremity #10

    2 40.00%
  • Gravediggers Union #3

    0 0%
  • No. 1 With A Bullet #3

    0 0%
  • Paper Girls #19

    1 20.00%
  • Rat Queens #7

    0 0%
  • Rock Candy Mountain #7

    0 0%
  • Scales & Scoundrels #5

    0 0%
  • Spawn #281

    0 0%
  • Throwaways #11

    0 0%
  • The Walking Dead #175

    0 0%
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    Default Weekly Image poll #1 - New Year, new chances?

    Hey guys and gals, happy new year! I figured we'd just reboot for the new year, still shipping weekly though. Call it the New 52?
    In these threads we usually just chat a bit about new comics and vote on the ones we liked so that a year later we can assemble the Great Piechart of Yore, seen below.

    Last week's poll for example gave us a new winner at the end of the year in the form of Redneck's 8th issue.

    The start of the new year... doesn't see much happening yet over at Image comics though. But hey, Crosswind wraps up its first storyline (not sure if this is coming back yet in 2018), Rock Candy Mountain hits its penultimate issue before closing out next month, Spawn sees a new hero character emerge, and the Walking Dead makes a major shift into a new storyline.

    No new comics this week, meaning I can use full eyeball real estate here for the Annual Great Piechart of Yore! Charting all the winners of the past 52 weeks into one single handy Excel thing. For those keeping track (i.e.: nobody), this year sees a consolidation of sorts compared to last. Last time around East of West and Monstress shared the top spot with 5 weeks won each, whereas this time Invincible and Kill or be Killed share the #1 spot with EIGHT wins each.
    At the same time however, 32 different series won at least once this year, compared to 31 the year before... Magic? Nope, we just had more tied polls I think.

    Weekly winners 2017.jpg

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    Love the pie chart, thank you for putting that up there. Top 2 vote getters are both series I have not personally taken time to read or get into yet....maybe with that much fan support here I might finally give them a try. Also surprised that many other loved comics fell into that big tied for last with 1 vote category.

    After several slower weeks as of late, it looks like there are a few more weekly comics in my personal pull list this week. very much looking forward to the new walking dead arc, Birthright which is always a solid read, and still loving Extremity which is closing into the end of its 12 issue run. papergirls and rat queens also in there as solid books. I am going to get GDU for its third issue, but if it doesn't really come through I am going to drop it from my pull list.
    All around a lot of good books this week.

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    Walking Dead had a good start to a new arc.

    Grave Diggers Union was my least favorite issue of the series so far, for reasons I'm not even sure of.

    Spawn had some amazing/crazy visuals. I love how Alexander draws Spawn.
    But I wish he'd stop using the blur filter on his pages. I find it really out of place on his rough ink work.

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    Birthright #29
    Extremity #10
    No. 1 With A Bullet #3
    Paper Girls #19
    Scales & Scoundrels #5
    The Walking Dead #175

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