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Pausing as she saw him also heading out, "If you are seeking the child, perhaps we could cover more ground together."
Ochazuke exchanged a wordless glance with her, then pulled his robes in tight and continued in silence.

She seemed hardly dressed for this weather, but then again It was plain by her appearance that she wasn't from around here either; pointed ears, and a faint change of the light in her wake as she moved. An offworlder, perhaps? Who knows.

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It was cold. It was so fucking cold. She noticed it about five minutes earlier, but she thought she could tough it out until she got inside. Nope. It wasn't happening. Her nose was running and small goosebumps were covering the exposed bits of her body -- her arms, shoulders, the top part of her boobs, her face. It was awful.

But! According to her scouter, she had just entered the area where the power levels were located. She tapped it again to narrow it down. "Ah, let's see. One, two, three readings of 50. In that building right there." Grinning with excitement, she briskly walked toward the building and slammed the door open.

I need to play this smart, or else I'm going to get my ass kicked. Just barging in -- which she had just done -- and demanding to fight the biggest, toughest guy there was stupid. Thankfully, she hadn't done that second part yet. She needed to scope the people out, assess who was the best fighter and who would be best able to help her achieve her goals.

She stepped inside, puffing herself up to intimidate any would-be challengers who weren't worth her time, and found a seat at an empty table.
No sooner than they had left the tavern did he hear the hinges of the door creak against their hinges. It was this that broke his silence.

"Shut the door behind you," he grumbled out behind him, "These people are freezing."